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Gas Engineer tools. Plumbing tool box. Whats inside my tool box. Today I’m going to talk about my tools and my tools that I use. I keep getting asked quite a lot if I’d do a video about which tools I use. Now I’ve just been sent this new bag from Monument Tools. It’s the gas engineer tool bag, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to sort my tools out really, so my tool box is a bit of a mess at the moment, because I’ve been moving house and I take bits out and they’ve just been thrown back in.

So we’ll have a look in there as well, warts and all. I’ll just show you how it is now, and then we’ll have a look at the new tool bag from Monument, and I’ll also show you my analyser bag. I’ve got a prototype tool in there, so I won’t be able to show you that, but I’ll show you the rest of the stuff that I’ve got in there. So yeah, let’s have a look. We’ll have a look now.

So this is probably one of the most used kits that I’ve got. So I use this for servicing mainly, so I just take this in, with my service bag.

So let’s have a look at this, so this is my work kit. I’ve just added a spanner into that, and then in there, you have the end for the screwdriver, and then you just have whichever screwdriver you want. It’s a lot easier than carrying in loads of different screwdrivers, and then you’ve also got sockets as well, right. You’ve got a ratchet, you’ve got a ratchet there which anybody who’s got Wera tools will know that it’s all quality stuff. They’re really good. So that’s me, my little Wera tool set.

So we’ll have a look in my Gas Board toolbox now, just see what’s in there. It’s a little bit of a mess in there, but we’ll have a look anyway.

Right, so let’s have a look inside. So as I say, it’s a bit of a mess in here. So I mainly do instals, so I instal new boilers and I service the boilers that I’ve installed, so I don’t do that many breakdowns. I just haven’t the time to do all different jobs really to be honest.

I’ve got a soldering mat in there. No idea why I’ve got that in there. I tend to use press nowadays, so I don’t even solder to be honest. So that’s not going to be going in my new tool set.

Olive cutters, brilliant. These are really, really good tools. They’ve seized up a bit to be honest because they’ve been stood for a long time, but I’m going to have a good sort out anyway. So just some wire cutters for, to be honest, I bought them to use them so I could strip wires back, but I tend to just use normal cutters and just pull it off. But yeah, you should use these really.

Rad tails, so that’s your Rothenberger just for putting rad tails in. Some more olive cutters. Olive cutters are brilliant. Grips, I like these grips to be honest. Just a scraper. Wire cutters. Just some cutters. Copper pipe. Got a trowel.

Speed fit cutters, plastic pipe cutters for overflow pipe, whatever. They’re good as well. Some cutters for waste pipe, so that’s quite a new one because it’s still got the cap in. So it comes with this like protector because that’s got a sharp blade in there. Just I don’t know if you can see it, but that’s for cutting waste pipes. They’re really good. Using an axe saw for waste pipes is just a nonstarter for me to be honest. These are really good, brilliant.

And there’s different sizes, so there’s an inch and a quarter, which is 35 mm. And then there’s an inch and a half, which is 42 I think. Just got a little drill bit set, so this is for, these are actually Hilti bits in here. They’re just go in my drill so I can just drill for joists etc. Some more grips. These are a bit bigger than the other ones. I’m probably not going to put that in the new tool box.

Just a big adjustable spanner. Some more olive cutters. As I say, this tool box, things have just been thrown in, so it needs a real good sort out. That’s just for cleaning copper pipe if you’re going to be doing soldering. Sometimes it’s okay, but it’s a bit hard to get in, so I won’t be putting that in the new one either.

Some more olive cutters. Just a little handsaw, just if you need to cut out. Sometimes that comes in useful. Stanley knife. A little level, that’s good for top up boilers when you’re putting a bracket on. It’s nice and handy just to have in there.

Some more grips. Just a hacksaw. Just an electrical tester just for testing rad boiler cases, just to make sure it’s not live before you touch it. Just a few bits of tape and stuff. No need to save them. Some more wire cutters. Just a little brush, that comes in really useful that, just for cleaning worktops and stuff after, when we’ve installed a boiler. So yeah.

Just some random rubbish in there. Some more cutters. Small adjustable, comes in handy. Just some more copper pipe cutters as well. Some more copper pipe cutters. You can never have enough copper pipe cutters. Blades go, all of them go a bit blunt sometimes, so it’s always nice to have loads of them.

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