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Real test of the latest Hilti TE6 22 volt cordless hammer drill , we are testing it with a 6 in ( 150mm ) concrete slab. Let’s see how it compares to the mighty TE30 36v today we’re going to look at the new Hilti TE 6. It’s the 22-volt Combi Hammer Drill. This has got the 5.2-amp battery on it. We’ve also got the older batteries. So, we’ve got the 3.3-amp batteries as well.

We’re gonna do a bit of chiselling with this today. And we’re just gonna see how it compares to the TE 30, because the TE 30 I’ve had now for about four or five years, and I found the TE 30 to be an amazing, amazing drill. I just wanted to try this one. It’s a little bit lighter. So if I try it and see if this will be any better for the work that we do going up ladders, etc., drilling hole, chiselling out. That’s what we’re gonna do today.

It’s a 22-volt battery, and it’s a 3.3-amp battery. And then there’s the new batteries now, which is 22 volts and it’s a 5.2-amp battery. So obviously these will last a bit longer than these ones. So this is the new battery that I’ve got for the new drill, that we’ve got today. We’re going to try this, demonstrate it, and see what we think to it.

Again, on this, very similar to the TE 30, you’ve got your hammer action on there, you’ve got that so you can turn the, turn ground. You’ve got your drill, your hammer drill setting, so if you’ve got drilling or hammering, and then you’ve got your normal drill setting. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to use the hammer one, and we’re going to chop some of this concrete up, and then we’re going to see what we think to it.

If you have a little look at this concrete, here, this concrete is about six inches thick, and then we’re using our new Hilti TE 6.

Just before we finish chiselling, we’re just going to have a little … We’re going to drill into the concrete, and we’re going to see how good it performs at drilling. I’ve got a 24 ml drill bit here, so it’s quite a big drill bit. We’re going to see how that performs when we’re drilling. I’ve put it onto hammer, hammer drill.

I’ve just drilled into some six-inch concrete there, with a 24 ml bit, and it’s made light work of that. I’m really impressed.

We have a little bit of rain, but we’ve had the trial with this, and as you can see, it’s worked really well here. What I’d say is, it’s not quite as good as the TE 30 for chiselling. The first half we did with the TE 30, and the second half we’ve done with the TE 6. But all in all, I think it’s brilliant, and I think this is what we’re going to trial now for the next few months. So we’ll try this. We’ll go onto jobs, and we’ll see how this compares. All in all, TE 6, I’m really impressed. The battery life on it, the battery has lasted very well.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, Hilti TE 6, Combi Hammer Drill.

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