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How to install a gas combi boiler. Step by step guide of installing a new Baxi platinum combo boiler. Including flushing and installing a Fernox Omega filter. How to install a combi boiler. http://cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation
Today we’re working in Otley, near Leeds, and we’re just installing a new combi boiler. We’ve got a nice flat wall here today, so we’re just going to show you step-by-step how we do it.

The first thing, and one of the most important things, we protect the property.

We’ve got his Baxi Platinum there. So that’s the boiler that we’re installing today. So just going to open this up. Then when we open this, we’ll have a look there. We just found the bag of all these hooks and things and all your fittings pack.

We’ve got your jig in there, just slides out. So if you can see there, all the boiler is still in the box so the boiler can be just kept nice and safe while we fit the jig on the wall, and then just mark all this out.

We’ve got this laser level here, so we can easily level the boiler up. One thing to point out with this, it must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If it’s not installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, then you will have no warranty with the boiler, and you will also, if you come to sell your property, you will not have the right certification that you’ll need to actually sell the property. Always make sure that you have it done by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

We haven’t got our car drill with us today, so what we’ve done is we’ve just stitched that. We’ve drilled a lot of 6 mil pilot bits all the way around for the flue. It’s nice and neat, is that.

We put the scraps back in the box, and we left the foam stuff in the bottom, and now we can use that as a bin, keep our rubbish together. So we just got us caps to take out the bottom of here. Bit of water coming out. These are tested before they come out, so you should never have a faulty one on install because they’ll all be tested. And now we’re just going to take this cover off, just so it doesn’t get bent.

So what we normally find is these nuts on this back, that doesn’t line up very well, so you can’t just tighten them up. It won’t go on. See there, they’re not in line. So all you need to do, is, see the nuts on the back, just slacken them nuts off, and then you’ll be able to connect it up very easily. So just slacken them off, on the back of the valve. Then…

So we’ve connected all them on now, so now we can just tip them all up and just tighten the back nuts back up. I always do this first before I connect any pegs to it because if you connect the pegs it can be quite awkward to get them to line up, so this is just the way that I do it.

So I just connected the pressure relief pipe, and if you see there, it’s bent. So these always come twisted or bent on the, on the backs of boilers. So you can, if you want, there’s a little grip screw there you can just undo that and you can straighten it up a little bit, or you can just try to bent this pipe a little bit. All of the things I’ve seen, I’ve seen people cut this and then just put a socket on just to straighten it up by the one, so I’ve actually just twisted the pipe a little bit.

So I just drilled for the blow off now, and we just leave that. We’re just gonna put some non-setting mastic in there. We don’t want the copper to come in contact with the cement, because the cement will corrode the copper over time.

So we’re just done with pipes now. So we’ve got this Fernox filter put in there, this Fernox, Omega filter, and they were just gonna do gas now.

So we’ve got the boiler up and running now, so we are just gonna check the emissions, we just got a chem analyzer there, so we just want to check that it’s working safely. We’ve also got a flushing adapter on there, so that’s flushing the system. With liner cleanse.

So we’re just finishing up now, so we’ve installed this Baxi, this Baxi Platinum. This Baxi Platinum comes with 10-year parts and labour warranty. We’ve also got, we’ve installed a Fernox filter. So the Fernox filter comes with 25-year warranty. And we’ve also put, we’ve cleaned it out with Fernox F5, and we’ve also added a Fernox inhibitor F1 protector in afterward so that will protect the system.
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Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, How to Instal a Combi Boiler.

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