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HILTI CORDLESS VACUUM 22V. Today’s video, I’m going to have a look into the new Hilti vacuum cleaner. I’m also going to look at the dust extraction. I’ve been told that this vac will work with the dust system. So, we’ll have a look at that as well, see how it connects.

First of all, what I’m going to do, is we’ll open the box, and we’ll have a look inside. Let’s have a look now. This is the VC 5-A22, so it’s for your 22 volt batteries. It works with all the same batteries from the 22 volt range.

If you’ve got your 22 volt drills, et cetera, it’ll work with all them. I’ve got two different types of batteries. I’ve got the 5.2, and I’ve also got the 3.3. Obviously the 5.2, it lasts longer with that.

Now, we’ll have a look at box. First on, we see on top it’s got a strap. Just some instructions. It’s very light and compact. Battery goes on there, we’ll have a look at that in a minute. Comes with some connectors, some adapters, show this here.

It’s got a little clip on there. That holds the hose in. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Obviously, you’ve just seen me un-box it. That’s the other side.

You can easily just take your hose off if needed. Some clips at side. That just comes off on bottom. It did say online, well it looked like it came with some bags, but I haven’t got no bags with this.

I’ll have to go back to Hilti and get some. To take your filter out in bottom, you can just undo that. That filter comes out, nice and easy and just goes back in, nice and easy as well.

I believe bag will connect onto that bit there, but I haven’t got any bags, so we’ll have to get some bags. I’ll show you it working now. It’s got a filter cleaner there. And then it’s got a switch there, so you can have it on eco, and that obviously your battery will last longer.

And then its got a max as well. We’ll put this battery in here now, and we’ll have a look at it. See what we think to it. It costs 195 pound plus VAT. I’m gonna put the 5.2 battery in it. That’s the 22 volt battery, same battery as I said, that you get in the rest of the drills.

We need to pull of there. The connector on this as well, they all clip in. Nice and compact. You’ll always have the brushes and stuff that you want on your job with you.

Hose there, and that as well. In my job, this should be quite nice for heat exchangers. Yeah. We’ll have a little play with that now. I’ll just do it over a little bit of flour and then what we’ll do, we’ll have a look at the dust extraction.

Us plumbers like to tidy up after ourself, so that’s why I’ve got this nice compact hoover. Unlike them electricians, electrician will never need one of these. Seems all right to be honest.

We’ll get the dust extraction kit now and I’ll show you that as well. This is the TEDRSB and this kit comes with a few different components. There’s a little chart in there to show you which drill it’s for.

I’ve got a TE-60 here. If we were gonna do some drilling, et cetera, with TE-60, just put that on there. I’ll do a separate video at some point with TE-60. I just really want just to show you how the hoover would connect onto this.

That just comes with the kit. You just put that in. Make sure you get the right one. That then connects on. It’s got a little clip on there. You then get whichever tool you’re gonna use. It might be, you might chisel in, you might use a car drill.

Put that into the end of the [inaudible 00:08:01]. And then once you’ve put that in the end, the choke, you just find the correct adapter, put into there. And then what you do then, you get your hose. This hose on this is very long and you just [inaudible 00:08:43] that into there and see that.

As you’re drilling or as you’re chiselling or as you’re [inaudible 00:08:52]. Obviously, you’ve got your hoover on and then that would be getting rid of some of the dust. I won’t say it’ll do it all but it’ll do some of it.

I’ll do a separate video with this. I just wanted to show it connected onto hoover, that’s all. Yeah. I hope you found that of some use. Please like the video and yeah, if you’ve got any questions, ask them in comments below. Thanks for watching.

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