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TE 60-A36 cordless SDS max combihammer. Powered by the strongest and highest capacity 9.0 Ah battery on the market. Review Today I’m going to look at the new HILTI TE 60. It’s the TE 60 combo hammer drill. It’s 36 volts. This one has got a 9 AMP battery. This is a monster. This is the SDS Max. So if we compare one of the chisels on this to a normal SDS plus you can see the difference. Big difference right. So what I’ll look at that now. I’m going to do a review on it and I’m also going to do some hammering with it. I’ve got some fence posts that I want to change and alter so I’m going to dig them out as well. So we’ll see. Put it to its test and see how good it is. I’ve been used to the TE 30 and I’ve had that for I think I’ve had it about six or seven years now. That’s amazing.

I’ve also got the TE 6. So the TE 6 is a 22. That’s a 22 volt one. You can also get a 36 on them as well. But yeah, so we’re going to look at this one today. The TE 60. Let’s have a look now. If you’ve got TE 30 at the moment, you’ll just see there the TE 60 is quite a bit bigger. It also it wears quite a bit more as well. So the TE 30 is quite heavy. The TE 60 is really really heavy. You do need two hands with it. Let’s all look at it now. Just before we go out and get mucky, I’ll just show you the controls in front of it. First of all we’ve got hammer, so if you just wanted hammer action, this actually shows it where you can use it as like I vibrating plate. So if you’re going to dig a hole up in the ground and you need to repair that hole, you can get like a little plate for it. So you could hammer on for that. Then obviously chisel in as well. It’s got, if you turn it to there, that’s just so you can turn this around. So you can turn your chisel around on it.

Then it’s got the hammer action with the drill setting on that as well. So you can use it as a cordless drill. I’m going to actually try and use this as a cordless drill. I did have a big ED 110 I think it is, but one bit with alt leads and stuff and I didn’t really want alt leads. I wanted cordless so this is what I’m going to try and use this machine for in my day to day job. I’ll show you the controls here. Just zoom in here and I’ll show you this. If you want to use this, you need to turn it on on here. If you just press the button, it doesn’t do anything. What you need to do, you need to turn it on. Turn it on there and let it power up. Then if you press the button it’ll go on and if you put it on hammer, that’s on high. If you want to turn it down, you can turn the hammer action on there. You can turn the hammer action down on it and what you do is just press this button here and that’s just reduced the hammer.

It’s also got a service indicator on here as well and on the top it’s got a little slider there. So let’s turn it off first ’cause I don’t want to have it on, but if we press that in, we can lock it. So we could lock it on if we were doing chiselling or something like that. So yeah, so that’s that. Then there’s a with that. It’s got the 36 volt 9 AMP battery and it’s got display lights on it so you can have a look at it and see if you need to charge it. If the TE 30 is anything to go by, the 6 AMP battery in that, it lasts forever to be honest. Lasts me for ages so it will probably last a long time. Let’s take it outside and let’s get it going.

I’ve got a bit of a concrete drive so it’s got on and then it’s concrete. I’m going try it on this first. Let’s have a look now. Always make sure you’ve got your PPE. Goggles and ear defenders. Just check on the drill there. Just make sure it’s on hammer. Then watch the block. Forgot to turn it on. Turn it on on there.

So I’ve locked off into that. Wow. That was just absolutely amazing. If you’re wanting a cordless breaker, this is absolutely brilliant. I’m going to have a little bit of time lapse on and I’m going to chop this up and then I’ll talk to you again a little bit later in the video.

That was brilliant. I’m also going to put it through it’s paces. I’m going to use it as a cordless drill and see how we do with that and also do some drilling with it as well. What I’ll do is I’ll do that on another video. Yeah so please add any questions in comments below. What I’ll do is I’ll try and answer any of the questions in the next video. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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