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WHAT IS TRADE HELP I’ve been invited by Martin Jones to come have a look at the TradeHelp app. So, what I’m going to do is ask Matt some questions about this app that we use, where we can finance, etc. So, we’ll go over to Martin now, we’ll have a quick chat. Yeah? Let’s go have a look.

Hi Martin, thanks for inviting me down today. What is TradeHelp?

Right. Yeah, thanks for calling. I think TradeHelp is pretty simple really. It’s three things. It is a free app with lots of tools on, which hopefully helps installers. It’s a buying group, which allows you to access discounts from a wide range of merchants, and also cash back from manufacturers through sponsors. And it’s also the ability to offer finance to your customers. So, that’s either interest free, or interest baring credit. So there are the three key things that we offer as a business, and it’s open to anybody who wants to download the app basically from the app store or Google Play.

And what’s in the app? What sort of tools?

So, there’s different tools on the app. There’s free quotation tool, which is for cash sales, you can do credit card sales, as I said you can finance. You can book appointments, which is great. You can send reminders, it’s got a gas rate tool, you can do landlord safety checks, you do off tech certificates, loads of stuff that we hope installers find really useful.

And how does the finance part of it work?

So, basically, you don’t need a consumer credit licence. So we look after that for you. And for a fee of 99 pounds currently, you can sign up to offer interest baring credit, or interest free credit to your customers. And it’s pretty simple and easy really. Use the app to do the quote, so it does all the quotation for you, and yeah, it’s easy to use.

And how about the buying group? How does that work?

So, the buying group has two key aspects to it. There is the manufacturer benefits, and there’s the merchant benefits. If I just talk about the manufacturer benefits, so manufacturers support us to promote their product. So, if you buy a particular type of boiler, or controls, or radiators, or inhibitors, or filters, we can offer you cashback against those purchases. Doesn’t matter where you buy them from. You can buy here from your local merchant, you can buy it from one of our merchant partners, as long as you give us an invoice either upload through the app, or scanned to us, we can claim some cashback for you on a monthly basis. And we’ll put that into your account for you so you don’t have to do anything.

The other side of the buying group is the merchant partners. So, we’ve partnered up with some national merchants who offer discounted prices against your account. So, if you went into a merchant and said, “Hi, I’m a TradeHelp member.” They will apply those prices to your account and we think they’re between five and ten percent best. And perhaps you could negotiate yourself. And that’s based on the fact that we now have three or four thousand buying group members. And we have a lot of scale that we can negotiate.

So, yeah, it’s really good value. Doesn’t cost anything either. Yeah, it’s all good.

Right. Well thank you very much. Thanks for … yeah.


Alright cheers.

Thanks for coming down and seeing me.

Thank you. Cheers.

Well, I hope you found that useful. If you want anymore information, I’ll add a link to the TradeHelp website below. Thank you for watching.
TradeHelp was established in 2014 to champion installers in the UK. Our objectives are simple – to help organisations operate efficiently and provide better value to customers.
Utilising the buying power of our network, plus the experience and relationships developed over 25 years in the industry, TradeHelp offer buying discounts, finance for installations and free quotation software, plus a range of other benefits. We charge installers nothing to access our support*.

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