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Cleaning out a Fernox TF1 , Today we are going to show you how to clean out a Fernox TF1 Magnetic central heating filter. First of all we need to turn the boiler off , so this is an ideal logic but what ever boiler you have just turn it off. So the way i do it is first of all i turn the two red valves off on some models these will be black and then remove the little black cap on the bottom of the filter. I then connect a washing machine hose you can just tip it into a bucket but I prefer the hose , this is also close to the floor then you can just divert the spray where ever you want to , we then need to remove the magnet out of the top , this is in a dry sleeve so you can just pull it straight out , we can then turn the black cap on the bottom and drain the filter down then open one of the isolation valves and just pour it into a bucket until it runs clear then just put your magnet back in place and open your taps, then top the boiler back up if required and turn the power back on . Thank you for watching our video how to clean out a Fernox TF1 Total Filter

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