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Ideal logic Combi boiler servicing in Guiseley Leeds, always use a gas safe engineers just take case off so first of all we are going to check inside make sure there are no water leaks we are going to remove sump cover and just check the sump they do sometimes crack just where the cover is its a little bit awkward with one hand while holding camera , first we will take fan out just disconnect the fan and take the screw out under the fan, this is the old style fan and its got a nut on it as well, now we are just going to take the burner out, we have removed the four screws now and we just lift the top off and just pulls out nice and easy just going to check all the burner and make sure its all in good condition also check burner seal , now we are going to brush all this out and then we are going to give it a full clean out, so now we are going to pour some warm water down to wash it through , so all the deposits coming out. Put the front of the sump on so we can pour more water down and put it all back in reverse order , so now we are going to put it into service mode and check high and low with flue gas analyser and check its all working safely

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