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HOW TO DO A MAGNACLEANSE. Magnacleanse. Now this Magnacleanse is going to be a little bit different than what other people may do. I’m going to actually take some sludge … I’m going to get some sludge I got from a previous job, and I’m going to put it into this system. So this system’s got brand new boiler on, it’s got a baxi 600 boiler on, and I’m going to put a lot of sludge in, and we’re going to see how the Magnacleanse performs with the sludge that I’ve put into the system.
So we’re going to connect this Magnacleanse with the Fernox TF1 adaptor. I’ve left some sludge on these filters, and we’re going to use this. I’m going to put this back into the system. Might not be right lot, to be honest, but we’ve got what we got, so … I’m just going to put a bit of extra water into the sludge just so it’s a little bit easier to put back in. I’m just going to use the drain off on the boiler just to get a little bit more water out. I would be better with a funnel, but I don’t have one, so I’m going to try and just use this. I’ve put as much sludge in there as I can, so I’m just going to tighten this back up. I’m going to leave the magnet out of the bottom, and we’ll leave that upside down so hopefully it don’t catch any sludge in there, and then I’m going to fill the bottle back up now, and I’m going to let the bottle run for ten minutes or so and just let a lot of water go around, and then we’re going to connect the Magnacleanse up and then we’ll just see how it performs.We’re just going to fill it up now, so I’m going to put this bottle into duration mode just to get the sludge to go around. I’m going to open the Omega filter just to get the pressure out of the system, and then we’re going to connect the flushing adaptor on there, and then we’re going to connect the Magnacleanse onto that. What I’m going to do with this is, because I know there might be some water in here, I’m going to connect the hoses on first, and then I’m going to connect the hoses to the Magnacleanse.
If you remember from my last video, the hose, the one with the drain off, I connect to the bottom, because that one’s got the arrow on. Then we’re just going to remove this filter, we’ve got to crimp a wire under there, and then we put the Magnacleanse onto the adaptor. I’m just going to repressurize the boiler. See that black water going into that already. You can see that.
We’ve got this Magnacleanse connected now, we’ve filled it with water. We’ve got pressure, the pressure’s back on. Now I’m going to turn the boiler on, and I’m going to put the boiler into deaeration mode. I’m going to put the boiler into deaeration mode. Now we’ll start to see the water going around this. The boiler’s now trying to get the air out of the boiler, out of the heat exchanger. I don’t know if you can that there, but that hose is quite dark, and then we look at that one, and it’s a lot cleaner. Look in the hoses, and look at the difference. What you’ve got there, you’ve got your black sludge coming from your system. That’s going around, it’s going into your Magnacleanse, and then if you have a lot there, it’s coming out with the Magnacleanse, and it’s coming out clean.
That just shows how good these Magnacleanses are. There’s additional products that you can get with the Magnacleanse. You can get a Vibraclean, and with the Vibraclean, you go around your radiators, so this, it’s only a little system. This is only one radiator and a little bit of pipe work, so I should imagine it will clean it very quickly. I’m going to leave that on for a little while. When you are doing this, you’d also put some cleaner in.
If we look on these tubes now, we can see that both of them are a lot cleaner already, and it’s only been on a minute or two, so just in that short time, the Magnacleanse has collected a lot of that sludge back in to its filter, so it’s an amazing product, to be honest. I think it’s the best flushing kit you can use on a central heating system, the best magnetic flushing kit. I know that other companies such as Fernox make equivalent flushing devices. In my opinion, they’re not as good as the Magnacleanse. I think the Magnacleanse is by far the best.
If you have a look there, the hoses are clean now, so what I’m going to do is, I’m going to connect my hose back up onto there, and I’m going to drain it all down, and then I’m going to do a mains flush fluid system to get any debris back out again. I’m going to turn all of this off now, and then we’re going to have a look at the filter and see what’s being caught. Now we can just have a look at the magnets. Just a little bit on the first one, and just a little bit on the second one. We could clearly see the black sludge going into this, and then we can see the other pipe that was coming out clean. Just goes to show there’s not that much on there really. Just goes to show how bad a little bit of sludge can be for a system.

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