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Today I’m going to do a video on how to instal underfloor heating. This will be the first video in a number of videos, so if you’ve got any questions, please ask them in the comments below, and then in the followup videos I’ll try my best to include any answers to any of the questions so I can help as much as possible.

In the first one that we’re doing, this is in my man cave and this is a concrete floor, so what I’ll do is I’ll just show you some of the products that we’ve got now for that, and then I’ll go through how you would get your drawings and how you would know what to instal really. I’ve got a company, Beneath Heat, and they’ve supplied me with the drawings for in here so that I know what I need to fit. Also, the different insulation for the floor, so I’ll go through that with you as well.

That’s quite interesting really, because I didn’t put any underfloor insulation in here, so it’s just a concrete slab, and now we want to put underfloor heating down and decided afterwards that I want to put underfloor heating in, which maybe I should have thought of that first. But anyway, that’s another story. Anyway, let’s have a look now, and I’ll show you, we’ll go through some of the products that we’ve got here.

When you order this, you get a full drawing and diagram, so it can help you with all your floors. Also, you get a pack, you get an information pack, so that will help you as well, and in there it shows you different systems. And then we’ve got the manifold there, so this is just going to have two loops on this because it’s only a very small system. We’ve got a pipe there and that’s a barrier, oxygen barrier pipe, so we’re not going to allow any air ingress with the system. That’s just a thermostat, and that’s some valves that will go into there. That’s just like it’s wiring centre. We’ve got this pump in there, and then we’ve just got some more things in here, the blending valve in there as well.

And this is really, really interesting stuff, this, so as I said to you, I decided this as an afterthought, but I still need to put insulation down. And if you see this, this is insulation that you can put straight onto a concrete floor, so we can put that straight onto a concrete floor. Obviously we’ll cut that, do all the floor in that, and then we can put those underfloor here in these gaps here, but it’s going to still have insulation then, so that’s really good. If we have a closer look at this, we just zoom into there, it’s really dense and it’s a little bit like Kingspan stuff but it’s really, really dense. That’ll give us insulation from the floor.

When we lay it on the floor, we can see that it’s low profile, so it’s not going to raise the floor that much, and then once we’ve put the pipes in that. So, obviously we do all the floor, we put the pipes in, and then we have to put a screen over the top of that as well. Well, even so, it is not going to raise the floor that much on a concrete floor.

That’s part one. As I said, if you’ve got any questions, ask them in the comments below. And what I’ll do is I’m going to start to instal this now, and I’ll video it as I do it. I’ll do it totally step-by-step so that you’ll be able to just do it. You know, you’ll be able to do it yourself DIY if you wanted to do that. I’ll also do all the wiring, show you how to connect it into the heating system. Yeah, so as I said, if you’ve got any questions, ask them in the comments below, and thanks for watching.

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