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Understanding Underfloor Heating. Pump, Zone Valves, Manifold, Flow Meters, Thermostat, Wiring centre, Beneath Heat Today I’ve done a video on how to install under floor heating and that’s a full video, a step by step guide. In this video I just wanted to do like an overview and understanding under floor heating. So what does what and what different paths you have on an under floor heating system.

So first of all, what we’ll do is we’ll zoom in and we’ll have a look at the different components and how they would work and how they would control the heating system. And I’ll give you a little sneak preview of what we’ve done in here as well, which I’m really pleased with to be honest. The nice, lovely warm man cave now. So yeah, let’s a look about.

I’ve got the manifold here, but I’ll come back to that shortly. What I’ll do is I’ll start with the boiler. So this is a Combi Boiler. I’ve put little labels on these because some people have said that they can’t understand my accent. So what we’ve got with the Combi Boiler, we’ve got a flow that comes out of the Boiler and then back to the Boiler, we have a return. So if you look at this Boiler there, we’ve got this flow and on this side we’ve got this return and then we’ve got this gas in the middle. As that flow goes around there so that we can control under floor heating and the radiators on a heating system, we need to separate the system. So we’ve got, that’s the flow from the Boiler. So that’s this pipe here and that just come directly to here. And this is the first tee and it splits off both sides. And then these are called zone valves. And this zone valve, this is going to be for the under floor heating as it’s labelled. And then this zone file is going to be for the utility room in the back or the washroom. And then what they do is when it goes onto the under floor heating, this goes down here and then got back down here and it goes into this floor on here.

Now the floor, this floor from this one, that goes to the other radiators. So that’s the floor part of it. The return part of it is this pipe here and this return comes down here and it goes in to this mixer into the mixer valve there. We’ve then got the manifold here, so that’s the under floor heating manifold. On the manifold ,we have flow metres, we also have a pump. We have a wiring centre and then we have a thermostat.

So how this works is first of all we turn the fuse spur on and then when we turn that fuse spur around, it would give power and then the thermostat, if we turn this thermostat up and then that would call for heat. Now there’s a delay on this, so what I’ll do is I’ll wait until it switches on and we’ll come back to that.

The wiring centre has a delay normally about between five and eight minutes, depends on the system. How this would work if we turned this thermostat on, this thermostat really all it is a link, so if you imagine a wire, if you split the wire, if you cut the wire, it wouldn’t work. The thermostat joins the wire together and then it connects it back to the wiring centre and then that wire centre to then will control the zone valve which is in there, the wires for the zone valve is in there and then the zone valve there and then that will open. So this zone valve here will open and send the central heating wire from the Combi Boiler around here, which will come round into the bottom of this valve here. And then the pump that’s built into your manifold, your pump, will start pumping and it’ll pump it around the under floor heating system. Because we don’t want the under floor heating temperature to get too high, it has a blending valve on here and this blending valve can actually be adjusted and you would set that to whatever your drawings are. On this system, we want it to be about 45 degrees. The boiler’s only just turned on so it’s not up to temperature yet. But that’s how that would work.

You also have some flow metres and you would set them, when you first get your drawings, you would set this to whatever the flow is required for the heating system so that you get your output, what you require, and then you’ve got your pipes to go around for your heating system and then obviously they would hate the floor.

So that’s just a very, very quick video on how under floor heating systems work. I’ve got full length video from start to finish, including how to pipe, how to wire, how to wire your zone valves in, how to wire your thermostat, full start to finish video. And I’m going to upload that in the next few days or so. I’ve just got a little bit of editing to do on it. And then I’ll upload that as well.

If you’ve got any questions, please ask them in the comments below. And as always, I’ll try my best to answer them. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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