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This video is just for advice. Always make sure that you use a qualified electrician or somebody who’s competent to do wiring.

My name’s Allen Hart, and I’ve been asked, Jack has asked and a few other people, how to wire heating systems. So, in this video I’m going to show you how to wire an underfloor heating system. We’ll have a look at this wiring centre, and I’ll do a step by step video on how to wire it, where the wire’s go, et cetera, et cetera. All right, let’s have a look at it now.

We’ve got our wiring centre here now, I’m going to wire this up. So, I’ve started with the mains. This is our live, our neutral, and our earth. This would normally just go to a spur and then what we’ll do, we’ll move into these different terminals here and I’ll show you how to wire each individual section of this.

I’ve got this wiring centre, we need to put a link in there. It’s this timer there, and very important we put that link in, otherwise it won’t work. This is if you’ve got a separate controller, separate timer, then you can wire it into this. But in this particular case, we need to put a link in, because we’re going to have a programmable room stat.

Now we’ve got the pump wires, and the pump wires go in there. And it clearly says it on there, pump, so it’s very, very easy to understand. And that’s just going onto our pump there. And that’s just got a plug in connection on there.

Now we’ve wired the zone valve into this, so we’ve got the zone valve there. And we’ve got our orange, our grey, our brown, our blue, and our earth there. It does say it on it as well, so it’s clear and really easy to do. Now we’ve wired the switch live to the boiler, so it’s the on off. So, this is what your link would be for your room stat. And that’s wired in there. And again, it shows you there, boiler, so it’s really, really easy to see and do. It’s also, the reason, one of the main reasons you’d use this wiring setup is it’s then got its relays built in.

So, when you get your power back down this orange, it won’t back feed on your pump. What I’ve done here, I’ve just put a link in. You can put a link in, it could be in any of these here, but you’re linking the live terminal and the L1. That, if you’re going to put a room stat in, this is where the wires would go.

One thing to bear in mind with this, it has about an eight minute delay, so when you do turn it on, it will not work straight away. That’s just something to bear in mind. Shortly I’ll wire the thermostat on here as well, I’ll show you how to wire that in.

To wire the controls up on this, again, it’s very, very easy. It’s all labelled. I’ll turn it that way around, so we’ve got our neutral, which is obviously the blue, then we’ve got our live which is our brown, and then we’ve got L1, which is a switch to live. And what we’d normally do is we’d normally sleeve that with some brown sleeving. I haven’t got any brown sleeving for the purposes of this video, but yeah, we’d normally have brown sleeving on that. Ill show you how to wire this now to the boiler … not the boiler, the actual wiring centre.

That’s our thermostat there now, that’s just temporary there. I’m going to put a nest on here, so what I’ll do is I’ll do video on how to swap it over for a nest as well. But there are our wires in there. So, it’s very clear. If we look on that one, it’s easier to see, it’s got neutral, it’s got live, and it’s got a switch to live there. As you see, neutral, live, switch to live.

As I say, normally we’d have some brown sleeving on there, but we don’t have any. So I’m going to switch this on shortly, and as I say, this will have an eight minute delay on this. I’ve wired it all up now and we’ve got the controller working. See the wire’s at the bottom, this is just temporary just to show you how to do it. If we turn this up now, this will then call for heat. It took about five minutes last time for this to fire up. That’s how you would wire your wiring centre for your underfloor heating system. This heating system, this is the Beneath Heat system. That’s Beneath Heat Manifold. And then obviously it’s got the pump and all the bits there. And that’s the Beneath Heat wiring centre. I’m sure there’s other wiring centres that are similar, but this is the one that I’ve used on this particular instal.

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