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PLUMBER. Plumbing And Heating Videos. Setting up for a new Viessmann 100 system boiler and Vitocell 200 Installation.
New gas boiler installation. Step by step install of a Viessmann vitodens 100 and Viessmann vitocell 200 central heating system.
Today I’m doing day in the life of a plumber.

I’ve got quite a big job. I’m going to be here all week this week. I’m taking out an old cylinder. Also I’m taking out a boiler. The boiler’s actually not that old but all this wall here is all getting knocked down, so we’re going to move it to the garage. I’ll show you garage, we’ll have a quick look, and then I’ll how you around.

Then over … Next few days, I’ll try and put some videos together of installing the boiler, installing the cylinder, et cetera. Yeah, let’s go have a look now.

I’m going to move the boiler. Well, we’re going to install a new boiler. We’re going to put it out here in the garage, which is a little bit tricky because there’s a concrete floor in between the house and the garage. I’ve just started to do a little hole through. Let me just show you. Just there. So there’s quite a lot to get out there.

What we’ve got, we’ve got a Viessmann. Sitting a Viessmann boiler on this job. So this is a 35 kilowatt Viessmann system boiler. This is going to be piped as a four-pipe system. It’s going to be installed with a Viessmann cylinder and that’s all going to go there. There’s going to be two Nests on this. It’s going to have hot water, a second return for hot water. That’s all going to go there.

I’ll just show you inside. What we’ve got, we’ve just got this concrete floor in between, so that’s the existing house. Then when we look in here, all this kitchen and that’s coming out. So this floor here, we’re going to lift this floor up here.

Then this is where all the existing cylinder is. This is on … It’s on a S plan at the moment. It’s been put on a sealed system in the past. It’s got a Spirotech filter on there. As I say, it’s on an S plan. It’s actually an S plan plus because it’s got your zone valve there for your hot water cylinder. Then it’s got two zone valves in here, and one is for upstairs in the house, and one is for downstairs. We’re going to put these zone valves … We’re going to install some new zone valves and they will be in the garage.

I’ll just show you the boiler as well. The boiler that’s in at the moment is actually a Baxi boiler, which these boilers are great, to be honest, but this built-in here is coming down and the customer wanted a Viessmann boiler with the four-pipe. This will be coming out.

As you can see this boiler’s fitted by a large national company. Won’t mention their name. Yeah.

That’s about it really. As I say just need to sort this floor out in here. Then we’ve got this Viessmann cylinder that’s going there.

One thing on these Viessmann cylinders, they’ve got a little thing on them that tells you if they’ve been tipped over so you can tell that that has been tipped over but when you look at the one that’s on you can see that it’s not been tipped over, so that’s fine. They want them to be kept upright on these cylinders.

Yeah. That’s it. I’ll put some more videos together when you can have a look.

If you’ve got any questions please ask them in the comments below. As I say this is going to be … It’s going to be a new boiler, new cylinder. It’s going to be piped up as a four-pipe system so that I’ll have hot water priority. It’ll have a secondary return for the cylinder, for the hot water. It’ll also have … It’ll be on two heating zones. They will be weighed up onto Nest thermostats. Yeah, if you’ve got any questions please ask them in comments below.

Thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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