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Leaking Fernox Filter. How to repair a leaking Fernox TF1 filter. It wasn’t actually leaking, but I’m going to show you how to repair it if it is leaking. Also we’ll take the lid off and we’ll have a look inside as well. Let’s have a look now. You might find that your TF1 filter, your TF1 total filter from Fernox, you might find that it’s got some lines down here where it’s been leaking. And it’s very, very easy, very, very easy to sort out. You’ll need to find this key, and this key will undo this lid here.

There’s a few places that these could possibly leak, so it could leak from this seal on the top, and it could also leak from these nuts here. You can buy a service kit, or you can get a service kit from Fernox, and that gives you these washers. It also gives you this bottom tap, and it gives you an oil ring for the top here. All we’ll do, we’ll take this lid off now, and I’ll show you how to repair the top if the top’s leaking.

I would advise you to turn the boiler off first. So, turn the power off to the boiler, just we don’t want the pump trying to pump around here, because what we’re going to do now is we’re going to turn these isolation valves of, these two valves. So, if we turn these two valves off here, and then this tap at the bottom, if we open this tap that’ll just let the water pressure out of it. And then now we’ll just undo this lid.

If you’re just taking the lid off, then you need to be really careful. You don’t want to disturb these two connections here. All we need to do, we’ll just get our key, put our key on top, and then just open the lid. Sometimes these can be very, very tight, especially if it’s been leaking for a while. And then we’ll just undo the top part of the lid, and then this part of the lid just lifts out. And then when we have a look in there, that’s the muck out of the heating system. And then what we have is we have another ring that goes in here, and it’s on top there. So, that’s the oil ring.

And that’s the bit that would be leaking. So if we have a look on that oil ring, you can see there’s a little bit of white on there. This has probably been leaking at some point. And if we have a look at this oil ring, this should be round, and it’s flat. So, it would be a good idea to swap that if you can. Normally I just clean these up. I wash them, and I just put a bit of silicon grease on, and then the fine. So, like I say, you could swap that, put that back in, and then just put your lid back on. We’ll do that now. If you haven’t got a new oil ring and you need to use the same one, as I say, just clean this up, clean this up best you can, clean your top on here as well. Maybe try and wash that in a bit of warm water if you could. And then I just use a bit of silicon grease and just put that silicon grease round the oil ring, and a little bit on the thread on top as well just to help it tighten back in.

Make sure that’s nice and back on, oiled nice and correctly. Now, bearing in mind this is the old oil ring, so it’s a little bit flat. It would have been better with the new oil ring. And then this is your other piece, and again we’ve cleaned this up with a bit of a rag. With this, this has got some muck on here, so I’m going to take the magnet out, just to pull the magnet out of the top there. I’m just going to clean that muck off. I’ve just cleaned that muck off on there.

And then on this, this edge, again, just clean all that off. Just put your lid back in, and if you turn this around until it’s sort of like it has some little catches in here, I don’t know if you could see on there, it’s a bit hard to show you. You might see it on that one there, look. And them catches go in on here, on top. So, you need to make sure you get it on right. Make sure it’s sat on right before you try and screw the lid back in, because if it weren’t on right and it were on like that say, you could screw lid on and you’d think that you’ve got it on right, and it wouldn’t be, and it’d be leaking. So, just make sure you’ve got your lid on correctly and then what I do, I always screw this the wrong way first, just to get it so it clicks in level. And then tighten it up from there.

And then just do it hand tight to start with, and then I would just nip it up a little bit. And then we’d put our magnet back in. And it’s as easy as that. Reverse, obviously we’d have to close your bottom part, close your bottom tap here to refill it so you can refill the system back up. And then open your taps back on here. So, that’s if the top lid is leaking. Now what I’ll do is I’ll show you these nuts here, so I’ll undo these off and I’ll show you these nuts. And I’ll show you how you can change them as well. These are a little bit more tricky if I’m honest.

This is one of the first TF1’s, the original. These did tend to leak from a few different places. But going back to the these valves, these

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