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Fully strip down and service the Ravenheat White Heat boiler range to include the CS80 CS90 WH80 WH90
My name’s Mike and today I’m going to take the burner out of a white heat 90. This is how we do it. Just a couple of screws to get the case off on the bottom first of all, just here and here. The case lifts off. There’s some more screws that we need to take off to release the side panels. That’s one cheek off. Second, which gives us access to the whole boiler.
Obviously we have the heat exchange here, downward facing burner on the top, spark electrode at the top, expansion vessel with good access, straight valve on the front, solid copper pipe as opposed to a flexi. We’ve got dry pocket for misters. The bit I like about the boiler, I’ve said it time and time again, is the dog leg on there, which gets that out of the way. Enough of that for today. You don’t need to move this, I’m just showing you.
So we’re going to take this off, so to take it off we need to disconnect the wiring from the spark electrodes. The fan, we need to remove the fan, it’s just to remove two bolts and it’ll slide forward. So I’ll start with the wiring.
So I spoke to John Wilson to see if any of this wiring can be messed up or reversed, and all the spared connectors they’re actually different sizes so you can’t really mess that up. I just took it off there. I don’t know what I’m doing there.
There’s that. Disconnect that one there. They’re all off and loose. Disconnect the fan and then what we need to do is slacken these two nuts off here like so, and if the camera comes in you’ll actually see from the back of there that once the other two bolts are slid off there’s a slot just there for them to slide off. So obviously I’m not rushing this. I’m taking it nice and slow for the video.
So this in an eight mil spanner, so we just undo these screws. There’s one out on the back one, and then onto this nut on the fan, and then it should just slide off like so, slide out. Obviously inspect the gasket in the fan make sure it’s not split. Just on top of there. So now we’ve got full access to the burner bolts, which just need to be undone.
We spoke to John Wilson about the burner gasket and the requirements to change it, whether we need to change it or not, and the advice is that not unless it’s split or anything like that we can reuse the gasket. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the advice is not to strip the burner unless there’s an issue with the flute gas analysis.
So now that we removed one, two, three, four, five, six bolts the burner itself lifts out of it’s position. That’s the burner there. This is a live working boiler in the lest centre. So visually inspect the electrodes as well.
So this must be done by a gas safe registered engineer. When you put this back together you do need to test the flute gas analyzer to make sure that it’s all safe. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video.

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