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Today I’ve been called out to a water leak in Guiseley, in Leeds. So I’ve got a leak on the cylinder so I’m gonna have a look at it now. So it’s just leaking out the top of the cylinder. Do you want to get a flathead screwdriver so I can do that, see where it’s leaking? Just see that it’s leaking from . So we’re just going to drain this cylinder down now and we’re going to put a new immersion heater and then we’ll have a look inside and see what it looks like.
So you can see there it’s all split. Just under there. Is that something I . So that’s where it’s been leaking from. So we’re going to put a new immersion heater in here now and then that’ll be it. That’ll be the leak fixed. So we’re just going to tighten this new immersion heater back in here now.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our video of leaking hot water cylinder in Guiseley in Leeds.

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