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Leaking Worcester Bosch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4gDnlmliQI
today we are looking at a leaking worcester bosch combi boiler you will need a gas safe engineer to complete this repair you do need to break into the gas supply and you will also need to test it with a flue gas analyser afterwards to make the boiler is safe so we are just in guiseley in leeds and the customer has called us out to a worcester that is leaking so we are just going to strip it down here and see where it is leaking from you can just see that little drip so i don’t know if you can see that but there is just a fine line spray of water jet of water so what happens is with these plastic blocks they tend to pin hole and leak , its a but hard to get camera in don’t know if you can see that so this is the plastic block that leaks so when you look at this you cannot really see anything leaking in, it just pin holes and has a very fine spray from it, so we have one fully fixed worcester bosch thank you for taking the time to watch our video.

Allen Hart

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