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My name’s Allen Hart, and today I’m going to give you my opinion on blow lamps. So on the left here we have the Nerrad blow lamp. Then we have the Rothenberger in the middle, and the Monument one to the right-hand side. First of all we’re going to start with the Nerrad blow lamp.
The first thing to point out about the Nerrad blow lamp is that this is actually the newest of these three blow lamps. It actually looks, from the outside of it, it looks the oldest. One thing I do like about this blow lamp is that when you run this blow lamp and then you turn it off, the tip of it is cold. If you laying it onto a carpet or something like that, then you won’t have a problem with it burning it. Also if you drop any solder down the end of this, you can just take this apart, and it’ll just sit onto there, and then you can just pull this out, and you can clean the solder off. Then you can just start working again. That’s a very, very good feature of this blow lamp.
We’re just going to turn the flame up and down now, and turn it upside down and see how it performs. So we’ll just adjust the flame a little bit, upside down, it all seems to be just staying where we want it to be. I like that. It’s very good. So testing the button now, it all seems to work as it should. No issues with that. It still feels strong, it’s all tight, there’s naught loose on it. One thing to bear in mind is that screw there, make sure you keep that screw tight. I’m not certain, but I believe that’s some sort of pressure relief part of the blow lamp there. So make sure you take your pressure out of it when it’s not in use.
So we’ve got the Rothenberger blow lamp here, the Super Fire 2. Just test the button here. All in all this feels very good quality in your hand when you’ve got hold of it. It adjusts and works, and this control just how you want it to be. So there’s no issues with that. Then the tip is very hot, so you won’t want to be leaning that onto a carpet. If we turn that upside down, we check it upside down, again it feels good quality. The flame is doing what we want it to do. It adjusts and stays where we want it to stay while it’s upside down. It just all works as you would expect it to work. There’s that very good blow lamp.
Now we’ve got the Monument blow lamp. This has been my personal blow lamp for the last couple of years. The button on this one doesn’t seem as good as the other blow lamps. Also this plastic on this nut, it just feels cheap, it doesn’t feel the quality of the other two. Now we’re going to test the button actually on this, and the flame. As you can see on this, the button does tend to stick quite a bit. So the flame on this all adjusts, works as it should, and it stays where it is. Even when you turn it upside down, it still performs well. The flame all performs really well. As you can see again here, the button is sticking. When you look at the tip on these, the tip is very hot, just like the Rothenberger one really. Very hot indeed.
All in all, I like the Nerrad cool tip, I think that’s a very good feature of the Nerrad blow lamp. The Nerrad one does feel very good quality in your hand, but for me I think the Rothenberger would win. If I was going to spend my own money today on a blow lamp, having tested all these three here, I would choose the Rothenberger.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, please add your comments below, and let us know what you think, and which blow lamp you think is best. Thank you.

Allen Hart

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