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I’ve got leaking boilers. I’ve got poor instals that’s been not installed very well. I’ve got carbon monoxide, where I’ve gone into a property, and I’ve smelled fumes straight away, and I knew something went wrong. So I’ve got that as well.

First of all, what I’ll do, I’ll go over to a Viessmann; it’s a Viessmann Vitodins 100 that’s been installed. The customer’s got water, or the customer had water coming through the ceiling, and it’s all stained. It’s made a right mess. Let’s go and look at that one.

I’ve been called out to a leak on this boiler. As you can see here, it’s all stained. It’s making a right mess. And as we go to look up under here, we can see the condensate has been installed into a bucket. This is a #Viessmann, so, it’s a Viessmann Vitodens 100 combi boiler.

So, for a look again in here. Push-fit connections. The instal is shocking. Then the gas is 22. If we follow this gas down to here, it’s been soldered to 15. It was quite a bad instal, really.

So, this copper pipe has been used as the condensate pipe. It just shows the importance not to use copper for a condensate pipe. It’s actually rotted away. So, that connected on there. I’m not seeing a condensate. I’m going to try to locate some leaks. Leaks

Please comment below and tell me what you would do if you found a boiler like this.

You can see the reason that we use plastic pipe on condensates. So on that job, obviously, they had used copper pipe. Some people might expect copper pipe would have been better, but unfortunately, the condensate from the boiler corrodes copper, so you must do that in plastic pipe.

As I said, please add some comments below. Let me know what you think of the instal.

What we’ll do now I’ll show you a water heater I went to. This water heater, I went to it and as soon as I went into the room, I could smell the fumes. Well, I’ll show you.

Today, I’ve come to a boiler to do a service. It’s a Brittany 2T. What I’ve got here, the customer says the pilot light’s been going out. So, the customer has tried to relight this himself, and they tried to stop the gas off. But while they were doing that, they’ve left the screws undone on the case, which has burned the seal. They managed then to get the pilot light to work, and since then this has been working, so it’s been working with all the fumes coming back in.

When I came into this property, I could smell the fumes. Clearly there you can see it’s melted all the seal; it’s actually been totally melted. So, please don’t play with gas unless you are Gas Safe Registered because this could have had a really, really, well, the customer could have died. So, don’t mess with gas and always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Stay safe guys. Thank you.

I’m just doing some video while I’m at the school run. I’m just waiting outside the school. But yeah, whoever looked at that water heater, scary really. Just shows that you need to be Gas Safe Registered or competent if you’re going to do any work at all on gas boilers, or any gas appliances at all.

The next one I’m going to show you, this is a boiler that I installed, actually installed it on this street, just here, just near the school where my kids go to school. It worked fine when it were installed, and then after a few weeks, I think it were about two weeks, it started to have a problem. I’ll show you that now.

New Baxi Platinum just been installed. We’ve got 12 millibar on gas. This was filled about three or four weeks ago, and it were working fine. It looks like the governor responser or gas metre, so we’ve got 12 millibar there.

That was a bit of a strange one. But what had happened, the Gas Board updated some of the gas mains out in the street, and what they found out is mud had got in the gas pipe, so the gas pipe were almost blocked. When they took the connection off outside, there was hardly any gas came out of it. So they had to update the gas main to the house, and then it were fine then after that. I don’t normally have any issues with the Baxi Platinum, so it were a bit of a strange one because when you get called back you’re like, “Oh, have I done something wrong?” or something like that. But yeah, it were all good.

And right, the next one I’ve got, I’ve got a little bit of a scary heater tank to show you now. Yeah, let’s have a look at this. So we’ll just top it off now. Look at that. It’s actually got green mould on it. All right, so in all the years of doing this job, I’ve never, ever seen anything like this before.

If you know what this is, please add in the comments below and let me know. Let me know what it is. So, eventually, I did find out what that were in that heater tank. But what I’d really like, add some comments below, and let me know what you think it is. But it was horrible, horrible stuff. It really took some cleaning and getting out, it did that.

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