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Paul Carter from Loctite demo on Loctite 55 for water and gas This is loctite 55 pipe sealing cord so i am going to give you a demonstration how to use it ok so there is a small guide on the side which tells you how many turns to put onto the thread its just a guide you will soon get used to it so hold the end with your thumb wind it round once and lock over so it locks the product down then just get some product on make sure it crosses over itself so this size thread we are looking for between 7 and 8 turns so when its on its got a bit of a coating on it so you can smooth the product on and the fitting and its going to stay put and put the two together and twist it on because of the coating on it its very easy to do up do it round at that point you get your stillsons out or your pipe grips and do it up tight to see that we are not cheating we will put some pressure in so domestic systems are usually very low pressure so that’s three and a half to four bar and there now something like that so you can see on the gauge now one of the beauty’s with loctite 55 is if the fitting doesn’t quite line up you can back it off so it lines up and points where you need it to in the right direction and you wont lose any pressure ok and as you see its still holding the pressure ok so take the pressure out of this and undo the joint so if its a joint you have to rework its really easy to get the product off the fitting so unlike ptfe tape that you would have to rub off with a wire brush that’s all done and ready to go so this is loctite 55 160m roll it will do hot water cold water potable water and approved for gas as well thank you very much i hope you enjoyed the video.

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