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We have had a lot of talk about hobs recently and connecting with flexible hoses so at phex we seen this new flexible connection so i just thought it might be of interest , Hob Mate must be installed to BS6891 and your local gas safety regulations. Cut out a hole in the worktop and install the hob as required carefully unpack gas Hob and place upside down on a suitable protected surface , select the gas fittings as supplied by the manufacturer and note its correct orientation fibre washer vs bsp thread for pipework inlet . Its a little bit like the flexible track pipe we use we just cut it with cutters the same type of cutters we use for steel pipe cut the plastic off with a sharp knife and we then just connect the push fit onto it but you can put the nut on first and then there is a piece of metal and then a rubber seal and then just connect it to the connection onto the hob and onto the pipework and then just put the yellow tape around it so i have got one here just to show you want it looks like just take it out of packet so this is the yellow tape that you use on the end so we don’t have any exposured edges , showing the fitting been connected and tightened on the pipe , showing that the copper side has an olive , ok guys hope this video was useful to some of you , that’s the Hob mate for gas natural gas and lpg

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