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Honest product reviews, Loctite 55 and 577 Review
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0zOrglK9-0 Loctite 577 Demo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QL2mZPysyo Loctite 55 Demo
Today I wanted to do a bit of product chat, really. So these are a few products that I’ve used, I’ve seen them at a show a few years ago, I’ve used them ever since, to be honest.

So, we’ve a Loctite 577, and then we’ve got a Loctite 55. So, I just wanted to show you how to use them, and give you my opinion of them. I’ve also got another couple of videos, which I’ll have the description below, and they’ll tell you how to use them.

So, what we’d use this for, is metal to metal. So, what I personally use it for mainly is radiator tails. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I mean really, really good. I’ve used all sorts over the years, PTFA, how many rolls should we do? Do we do 20, do we do 18? Well with this, all you do, … just put a little bit on there.

Can you imagine that with your radiator, tighten your tail end. You don’t actually have to do it tight and it will seal. I normally do, just nipple up with that. So that’s four.

So the Loctite 577 is for metal to metal only. That can be used on gas, it can be used on water, essentially in whatever, so that’s that one.

So Loctite 55, it’s a little bit like PTFE when we open it. What we’ve got, we just got cord in there. What we do, we just put that around, just around the thread that we’re using. Just put a few layers around there. Just four thread up. Then it’s got a little clip on there where it just pulls off.

Then you can just tighten it on to there. That does plastic to metal, metal to plastic, whatever you want really. I find that, again, I find it brilliant. So I just wanted to give you some feedback.

A lot of times we go to these shows and we get promised, promised things that are amazing and they’re not always as good as people make out, but my experience of these two products, so the Loctite 55 and the 577, I think they’re absolutely amazing.

I use the 577 quite a lot and then I use the 55 every now and again when I can’t use this. So any time I’m doing metal to metal, I always use the 577. Then if it’s going to be plastic, any plastic on it, I’d use this one.

So I hope that was of some use to you. If you have a look in the link below, you’ll see that there’s a couple of videos and they are from the manufacturers. So one went to the installer show, I think it were, or one of the shows, they did some video demonstrations for us, and they’re in the links below.

So you can have a look at them and see what you think. As I say, honest reviews as always from me. I think these products are absolutely amazing. Thanks for watching

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