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Cleaning out a heat exchanger in a gas combi boiler
Today we’re going to look at how to power flush and flush a plate heat exchanger. I’ve just got a new power flush machine and when I ordered the power flush machine, I also ordered some adapters to clean plate heat exchangers. We get this plate heat exchanger and we get muck inside here from the system. We can also get scale in system as well. You can flush these out. Now, in most cases you might just throw them away and put another one in. Though you can buy these adapters, so you can buy an adapter that you can connect on to your power flush machine. My thought is I’ll do that and we’ll do a video of how to do it, how to flush it.

You get your adapters, you get two of them. I’ll just show you these. Only one side is working on this. You’ve water going into it, water coming through here, and then the water will go through the plate heat exchanger, and then it’ll go back through that one and then out the other side of there. What I’ll do now is I’ll connect that onto a plate heat exchanger.

In the packet you get the connectors and then you get some o-rings. You just put your o-rings in there. Then you get your plate heat exchanger and you see which side of it you want to flush. The side you want to flush, you make sure this side of it goes onto the side you’re going to flush. In this case, if we have a look at this one … I don’t know if you can see in there to be honest, but that makes this side that’s mucky.

What we’re going to do, we’re going to connect them onto there, in line with that. Very easy, these have got line up with these. You might want put some chemicals in your machine here, but just for demonstration purposes I’m just going to show you it flushing through. We just turn the machine on.

What I’ve got now, I’ve got water going through that heat exchanger. I’ve got a little bit of a leak on here. The resistance in there is probably quite high, so it’s leaking a little bit on that. Just reverse that as well so it’s going everywhere. That’s just flushing through right now. That heat exchanger, it’s hot as that [inaudible 00:03:21]. On this power flush machine, we’ve got it on there, it’s at 60 degrees. This has got a built in heater. If we’re doing this it’s really good to feel on there. It’s working. That actually might be quite good.

These adapters don’t fit all the plates so you’d have to make sure it fits the plate you’ve got. It may be that you can connect one side and then you can just flush out the other side. I think I’d possibly be tempted just to connect to those [inaudible 00:04:02]. I’m not sure I’d want to connect to our power flush machine just to flush a plate. But if you were doing a power flush on a job and you’ve already got all the chemicals in there, then it might be worth taking the plate out. It’s just an option really.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video.

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