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#Plumber #Plumbing INSTALL A NEW WATER MAIN – . LEAD PIPE REPLACEMENT – DIRECTIONAL DRILLING – Lead water main replacement. MDPE water pipe. In the last video we showed you the home boost, so if you’ve got, say, five, six, seven litres a minute, and you wanted to boost it up to 12 litres a minute, then you can use this home boost kit. In this property I want it to be more than 12 litres a minute. My solution to do that is to put a new water main in, so in this video today we’re going to put a new water main in. We’ve got a guy coming with a mole machine, he’s going to mole a new main in, so I’ll do some videos of that, and show you how that works. And yeah, so let’s have a look now.
So, just doing a survey now, just to see where any pipes or wires are so that we don’t mole through that. The stop tap at the moment is just under this cupboard, in here, and it’s a little bit awkward to get into. It’s also on 15 ml, I don’t know if you can see there, so what I’m going to do, this will be removed, and then we’ll put a bigger stop tap in, a 22 ml one. The new stop tap is going to go in this cupboard here, so it’s just going to come up here.
So, just digging the holes out now in preparation. This needs to be a minimum of 750 millimetres. It’s going to go about a metre, I believe, but we’ll see shortly. I’ve just started to dig some of this out now, ready for the machine to come in. I don’t know if you can see there, we’ve got our gas pipe there, and then, right down there we’ve got our copper pipe that goes into the house at the moment, so that’s a 15 ml copper pipe that we’ve got going in.
They’re just getting the machine off now.
So, this machine here, now, can tell us where the mole … What’s it called, the point of it?
The drill head.
The drill head is at the moment, so you can see with the arrow-
And that’s how deep it is. So, obviously we need it to be 0.75 minimum, so we’re 0.82, so that’s good. I’ve taken some bricks out here, there’s going to be a few pipes coming in here, so it’s just easier. I could’ve drilled it, and it would’ve been neater, but it’s just easier, just to smash it out, and then what I’ll do is, I’ll brick it back up after. So, I’ll show you inside as well.
I’ve just put a pipe there, just to see the angle, but again, I’ve smashed quite a big hole out inside, and then I can sleeve it all and make it a good job. So, this is that company that’s doing the moling for us, so it’s supamole.co.uk.
So they’ve got the mole, now, into there, and as you can see, that, just down there. Now, that’s going through, and I’m just going to turn that now, because I want to put a new water main at the back of this garage here. So they’re going to continue now, with this. Just see the ground moving here, just see there.
So this uses water, ’cause it’s going, ’cause it’s drilling it. We’ve got our MDPE water main now, and what they’re going to do, they’re going to connect it onto the end there, onto the end of the mole, and then they’ll just pull this back, pull this back in. And then, we’ve also got another pipe there, that’s going in as well, at the same time.
right into the hole.
Right. Okay Mark. That’s plenty. Okay Mark. So, I’ve got the one in now for the garage, and now they’re just going to connect it on again, and then pull it back for the main for the house. And again, now, it just gets fed in the machine. The machine pulls it, so it’s just taking off as it goes, and then just pulls that in, and then it’s just getting fed in from outside.
So, we’ve got our two pipes in now, one goes to the garage and one goes to the front of the house. So, I’m going to put a stop tap on, and I’ve just got a little insert, as well, to go inside the pipe, to sleeve the pipe when I do that. If I have a look at the stop tap that I’ve got, I’ve got a brass stop tap. Inside of it is 25 ml, and then the other side is 22 ml, so the 22 ml side is that side, and that goes on for the copper pipe, and this side is for the water main, for the plastic pipe.
When we connect the plastic pipe, so if we imagine, we’d have that coming up out of the floor, we’ve got a sleeve, and that sleeve just goes inside, push that in. And then, we’d get a stop tap, get a stop tap right on, make sure it’s right in, and then just tighten that up, and it’s just got an olive inside there.
So, I’ve tightened my stop tap on there now. I’ve piped most of this up now, we’ve got our main stop tap coming in from the road, from the street, and then we’ve got a stop tap there that’s going to go out to the garage, and then, I’ve just used press-fit and connected all that together, above, so I can see it all. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to turn the existing stop tap off just for now, and then we can turn this one on, and then this’ll feed the house now. Turn this stop tap off, totally off, and then I’m going to come back to that, and I’ll put a stop end on, and totally cut that out then. So, that’s a massive difference.
That was us moling

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