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LOW MAINS WATER PRESSURE – HOW TO BOOST YOUR WATER PRESSURE – low water pressure. How to increase low water flow rate in shower/bath Combi Boilers, When I go to customers houses sometimes they’ll struggle with a cold mains water pressure. So you might find that it just trickles out a tap, and often customers want to have a combi boiler fitted, and if it’s really low flow, a combi boiler, it wouldn’t work. So I’ve asked Matt from Salamander Pumps to come along, and he’s going to show us his demonstration rig of their main booster set, which will boost the mains water pressure, and I believe boost it to about 12 litres a minute, which is for a 30-kilowatt boiler. So I’ll give you full flow rates for that. So, what we’ll do, we’re going to have a look at the pump now.

So I’ve got Matt here now, and he’s going to show you how this rig works, so I’m going to pass you over to Matt.

Thanks for inviting me down today, Allen. I’ve bought my rig along, and I’d love to show you how the Salamander HomeBoost Pump works. With this rig, I can simulate approximately five litres a minute, which is apparently is what you’re getting at your customer’s property at the moment. So let’s turn it on, let’s get it up to about five litres, which is what you’re currently getting at the moment. This is the Salamander HomeBoost Pump, fits onto your cold water main and will pump up to 12 litres a minute, enabling anybody to have anything up to a 30-kilowatt combi. It’s not activated at the moment, we’re just simulating the five litres a minute, you can see. Once I activate the pump, put the power onto it, the pump starts activating, and as you can see it’s climbing, so we’ll achieve 12 litres a minute. You can see that on the gauge at the moment.

If naturally the water pressure or flow rate goes above 12 litres a minute, the pump goes into idle mode, which complies with the WRAS regulations of maximum 12 litres a minute.

So this is the solution for low water pressure?

Absolutely, yeah. The Salamander HomeBoost will boost up to and including 12 litres per minute, and it’ll give you 1.5 bar of pressure. So that’s great for anything up to and including a 30 kilowatt combi.

So is this just for combi boilers?

No, not at all. It’s great for combination boilers, but it’s also suitable for multipoint water heaters, instantaneous electric water heaters, instantaneous electric showers.

And how easy is it to install?

Very straightforward to install. It just fits onto the cold water main, ideally within two meters of the stop tap. It even comes with a prefixed three pin plug.

And how noisy is it?

Well, you heard yourself on the video, the noise wasn’t really the pump, it was the actual flow from the tap that was making most of the noise. It’s 46 decibels, has a Q mark, which means it’s the quietest in its group.

And how long’s the warranty on it?

It’s a three-year warranty on the HomeBoost, in fact, all our plastic pumps now come with a three-year warranty. We changed that in January this year, 2019. Our brass pump has a five-year warranty. Every pump’s tested before it leaves the factory.

So this is how your HomeBoost will be supplied to you. As you can see, made in Britain. It’s made in our factory up in Sunderland. It’s the Q mark, which I mentioned earlier, it’s also WRAS approved. Says two-year warranty, as I also mentioned earlier, you now get a three-year warranty. Just open it.

Inside you’ve got your installation and warranty instructions. That’s your packing there. And as I also mentioned earlier, comes with a preformed three pin plug for the easy installation. There is a separate fixing kit that you can buy from the merchants or your supplier, that is an additional cost, but a lot of the installers like to make up their own connections to fit onto the cold main.

So, take the wrapper off it and plastic covering. In your box supplied with it also is two washers, one of them the filter washer. See the connections here, 15-millimeter connections, they’ve just got coverings on them. There’s water coming out of there, that’s because it’d been tested in our factory, as I mentioned earlier. Installation instructions, extremely easy to follow. How you would install it. So it’s a great product, extremely easy to install, and solves the problem of low water pressure.

Just like to thank Matt from Salamander Pumps for coming and showing us this demonstration rig today. If you’ve got any questions, please ask them in the comments below. And thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

Allen Hart

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