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Today we’ve got something new. We got a new nail gun. It’s a Hilti GX 90 WF. I’m going to show you how this works. I’m DIY with things like this. This is the first nail gun I’ve ever had so if I tell you any of it wrong, I do apologize.

I’ll show you what I’ve been doing with it. I’m going to do some stud work with it today, so what we’ll do is we’ll put some nails in, fire some nails in, and I’ll show you how it works. Also, I’ll show you how to put the nails in and out and the gas, Talk about battery life. Yeah, let’s go and have a look now.

First of all, we’ll look the case, so we’ll just pull the clips down. You get two batteries in this. It’s got a little well for the batteries if it’s empty. If it’s empty you do it one way, and if it’s charged you do it the other. Just a niggly little thing. So, we’ve got our charger, some PPE, ear protectors. And then we’ve got the nail gun.

So, we’ll have a look at that now in a bit more detail. If you want to take the battery out, that’s just that clip there. And then to take the gas out, we’ve just got a clip on the top here. And then we’ve just got our gas in there. And that just clips out like that. And then when you push that in, you just click it back into there. And then you just click that back on into there.

The nails, it’s got a slider on here to put your nails. It’s got a little clip there, just to get your nails out. So, I’ve got Hilti nails with this. And then you need to pull that back and that will hold your nails in place.

So, we’ll have a little look at the nails now. This is a First Fix nail gun for building stud work, et cetera. So, the smallest nails are 51MM I think this one is. And then they go all way up to 90ML if you’ve got big nails. And then you’ve got … there are a few different sizes as well in between. When you’re buying from Hilti, they come in boxes of 3,000 like that. So, we’ll get on now, we’ll have a little go with the gun, and I’ll show you putting some nails in.

Just one thing to point out about the battery, this has been in here now for about a week and I’ve been doing work in here, and I’ve not had to charge it yet. So, the batteries on them seem to be really, really good. And then I’ll just show you on the front of there, if you have a look there, you can alter how far the nails go in. So, if you’ve got smaller nails or bigger nails, you can adjust how far it’s going to fire the nails in.

So, what we’ll do is just nail this in here. That’s our Hilti GX 90 WF. What do I think of it? It’s saved me a lot of work this week. I really, really like it. There may be better ones on the market, I’m not sure, I’m not an expert at this type of product, but for me, it’s been brilliant and I really, really like it. I’d definitely recommend it. Thanks for watching.

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