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Rogue traders Found this on a boiler swap today. bad pipework , undersized gas , incorrectly piped. shockingly bad really. Working in Bramley in Leeds today. New gas combi boiler ,We’ve come to do a boiler swap. We’re going to take out an old Ferroli boiler. So a customer’s been having a few problems with radiators not working. So they decided they’d have a new boiler, so we’ve come just to do a new boiler, but we found a few problems once we’ve started lifting some floorboards up. So I’ll just show you what they are now.
So we are here today just to do, well, to do a boiler swap and also get the pipe work, but when we’ve had a look under here, when we came and quoted this, we’ve seen they had 22 gas and then so we just assumed that it’s okay because it’s obviously, it’s 22 mm and that’s what we need for his gas supply, but when we looked down here, it reduces down to 15 mm on a compression fitting under a floorboard, and so one thing we wouldn’t want a compression fitting under a floorboard, but also we wouldn’t reduce the gas like that either.
So that’s something now that we’re going to have to sort out and then the fuel spur which we would have expected we could connect into the wire goes down there, goes along there and it’s been connected up to an extension lead under the floor, so again, we’re going to have to update that. And then we look at the pipe works. It’s got 22 mm pipe there, and then when we look here, it goes to 15 straight away, so all the house is then in 15 mil pipe, but it’s worse than that. And so we didn’t, these bobs, somebody’s butchered these bob before, so we’ve only just, we’ve took them back up in some places, so they’re all smashed to bits but we have done these.
So, then if we have a look downstairs, some of these pipes, this radiator, on the floor from the radiator goes through into there when it should come to here, but instead it comes through into there and it goes into this old radiator in here, so it comes through here, into here. So then it has to go through this radiator to connect to the radiator on the other side, so what that means is, if either of the lock shields are turned off on them radiators or if the furnace stops on the radiators would have closed, then not all the heating system would work downstairs.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our video, Nightmare Installs.

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