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Norstorm Proflush Powerflush machine unboxing and first thoughts
Today I’m quite excited. I’ve got a new toy. So, I’ve just ordered myself a new power flush machine. So, what I thought I’d do. I thought I’d unbox it, show you what’s inside it, and then later on we’ll do some power washing with it, and I’ll do a long term review on it.

So, let’s have a look. Let’s a have a look what’s in box. So, I’ve been wanting one of these powerflushes for quite a long time. Um, most people that, that I speak to say it’s very good, and that they’re the best, best powerflush machine in the industry. So, when people make claims like that, I like to see it for myself. So, that’s why I’ve bought one.

Lift this down here. Let’s see- see what we get inside the box. So, this machine, this is the one with the thermal heater in it. So, they put on a system where the ball is not working. We’ll still be able to heat the water up.

So, we’ve got four hoses right there, and then we’ve got the power wash machine itself. So, this has got the heater on this one. So, I think that that will come in very useful, but, as I say, we’ll try that on some jobs, and then we’ll see what we think to it. And, a- as always, I’ll just give you an honest, uh, an honest review. People can take it or leave it. I’ll, you know, I’ll tell what I, what I believe is the truth, and then you can form your own opinions from that then.

So, one thing I point out with this, which I really, really do like, it’s not round. So, I’ve always had round ones before, and you struggle to fit it in van ’cause it wastes so much space. So, fi- that’s one thing straight away that I think’s really, really good with it.

So, another thing that I really like is it comes with a tub. So, with this tub, when you’re power washing, you can put your power wash machine inside tub. So, if for any reason it start to overflow, it overflow into your tub, which, for me, that is a big worry. If you’re in a customer’s house and you’ve got your power flushing machine out in the airing cupboard, it could overflow sometimes. Um, so, this, this is a really, really good extra, extra feature.

So, we’ve got plug there, and that’s for the thermal heater. And then we’ve got another plug here, and this one is for the power flush pump itself.

So, what we’ll do now is now look in the box, and we’ll see what else comes with the power flushing machine. Come inside. Let’s have a look.

So much inside. We’ve got some … some instructions with some … with some powdered chemicals. So, we’ll have to look, we’ll have to look into them a little bit more. I’ve not seen them before. We’ve got some sludge remover. And then some more, um, system cleaner. So, let’s have a look at, have to look at them a bit later.

Got some wheels for machine, and then we’ve just got some different types of hoses. And, again, you’ve got your cam connectors on them. And then we’ve got some different types of connectors in here. So, got one there looks like that’s for connecting onto radiators or onto some copper pipe. That looks really good there, too. And, one there, that’s for connecting onto , I believe.

Right. So, that’s it. So, that says Norstrom Proflush thermal heater, uh, powerflush machine, and we’ve got us hoses and us hoses and then we’ve got us bits and bats here. These, these here, I’m right impressed with them. I don’t know why, but, uh, they’ll connect straight on to 15 mil copper, so I think that’s, that’s a really good idea.

Uh, so, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna see how we go with this. Um, and I’ll come back to you. So, we’ll do some power flushing, and I’ll do some videos of the power washing when I do it, and I’ll come back to you and I’ll review it, and I’ll tell you honestly what I think to it. Thanks for watching.

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