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PLUMBER. Day in the life of a plumber. Plumbing in a hot water cylinder. Plumber UK. Viessman boiler and cylinder installation. day in the life of a plumber. We’re doing a Viessmann 100 boiler instillation with a Viessmann Vitocell 200 hot water cylinder. So, we’ll have a look at that shortly. We’re going to unbox this cylinder in a few minutes. First of all we’ll just give you an update on what I’ve done so far. So, let’s have a look now.

So far I’ve put the boiler on. I’ve done the flue. I did start to do the flue with a core drill. So, the outside is nice and neat with a core drill, but it had metal in the wall, brick tie, so I had to chop it out with a chisel. So, I need to cement that up on the inside. It’s got its clips on, so we need supports, maximum one metre really, or change of direction. So, we’ve got our clips on there. We’ve got the boiler on the wall. We’ve got our deaerator on there to help get air out of the system. We’ve got our Fernox filter, that’s actually a 28 mill filter that one. Then we’ve got our S-Plan on there. And now I’m just going to unbox this cylinder and we’ll start to fit that.

I’ll just open this cylinder up now, I’ll just show you what you get. So, you get the instructions and I would say to you, advise you always read the instructions. And then we’ll get the cylinder, we’ll get a little takeaway bag there, we’ll have a look at that in a minute. And then you get your expansion vessel. And this all comes with the cylinder, and then when we have a look inside here, we’ll just have a look in this bag, show you what you get.

You get the sensor, hot water sensor in with it. And we’ve just got fittings. Tundish. So you get a nice little kit with it, to enable you to instal it. I’m just going to pipe the hot water cylinder up now. This is the flow to the coil and because this is a four pipe, Viessmann four pipe boiler, then this flow coming down from the boiler off the goes directly into the cylinder. I’m using this MLCP again. I’ve used copper coming down and then where we need to bend it and stuff, I’ve used this stuff, because it’s really good. You can bend it, it doesn’t bend, it does feel like copper, but because it’s got an aluminium layer in there, if you bend it over something you can bend it and it’ll keep its shape. Really, really good.

So, I’ve just put a bend on there and I’m going to connect this into there now. So, I’m going to cut this copper down, cut this down a little bit and then I’ve got the coupling that transfers it from MLCP pipe, or the PEX pipe, and then I’m going to press this elbow on. So, that’ll go in there, and that’ll just press onto there. So, I’ll cut this back now and then I’ll just clean this edge. You get a tool, and that just cleans … it cuts a little bit of it out so you can get fitting on. I’ll show you now.

And again, just make sure it’s fully in on there. And this pipe is 25 mill, so the jaws on this, TH25.

Could do with some new cutters I think, a new blade cutter. I’ve had these quite a while.

Just put a little mark on there, just so I know that it’s in when it’s on. Do the same on there as well.

And because I’ve marked them, I know they’re fully in on both of them. The cylinder sensor just goes into this pocket here, and then on the other side of the wire you get a plug. And if you can see on there, it’s got a number five on it. When we open the boiler up, you can see over here there’s some wires, and they’ve got a number five on. So, you wouldn’t really be able to wire that bit of it wrong. So, that’s for the hot water side of it, so I’m just going to shove that in through there, and then that’ll be the hot water part of it started.

It’s starting to come on now, still got quite a bit to do. So, that’s the end of day four. Yeah, it’s coming on well. Tomorrow I’ll finish off the cylinder, tomorrow, and then I’ll show you, we’ll have a little loo around it and I’ll show you all the piping work on it. And then I’m going to do the wiring as well for the Nest thermostats on the S-Plan, so I’ll do that and I’ll show you how to do the wiring as well. Yeah, I hope you found that of some use and thanks for watching.

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