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Plumber doing a daily vlog on installing a Viessmann 100 System boiler with unvented Viessmann Vitocell 200 cylinder. Installing PEX PRESS FIT. Multilayer pipe system. Day in the life of a plumber. This is video three, I believe, and it’s the Viessmann Vitodens 100 Boiler installation and also, this a system boiler, and we’re also connecting a Viessmann Vitocell 200 hot water cylinder to this.

I’ve done various things so far. I’ve put the pipe through the concrete floor to the other side of the house, because we’ve moved the boiler out here. So if you wanted to look at part one and part two, yeah, you can have a look at them.

Today, I’m getting the pipe work in. I’ve got a de aerator on here, so it’s a Spirotech De aerator and this just helps get the air out of the system, the micro bubbles, just to help the system so it doesn’t corrode. And also we’ve got a filter, and that’s a Fernats filter and that’s the Fernats Amiga Filter and that’s a brass filter. So yeah, let’s have a look at the pipe work that we’re doing today.

I’m here by myself and I’m not rushing, just take my time. But we’ve got an S-plan, so this is for an upstairs and a downstairs circuit, and then the boiler will feed the cylinder with a cylinder sensor and it will be piped as a fall pipe so if you look under there it’s got an extra flow there and an extra return and they connect directly to the hot water cylinder. And then as the hot water cylinder sensor and then the boiler will control the hot water, and there are the zone’s there.

I’m just gonna put some pipes through now into the house, we’ve got some MLCP pipe here which I’ll just show you one of these fittings. When you push this on, you make sure you can see it, these little holes, don’t know if you can see, but these fittings, brass fittings, so they’re really good quality. And this pipe is multilayer and it’s got aluminium, I don’t know if you can see it there, but it’s got aluminium so doesn’t allow any air ingress so it’s not like your normal plastic push-fit that you would use. These can also be used on secondary returns for your hot water, so we’ll have a look at that now.

This MLCP pipe is Blansol pipe and it’s distributed in the UK by Beneath Heat, this pipe is Russ approved. And it comes in 16mm, 20mm, 25, and 32. And with this I’ve got the press gun, what I would advise you to do is go on the Beneath Heat website and then when you’re on that website you can have a look at the different profiles and different jaws. With this I’ve got jaws, there look, I don’t know if you can see that very well, but it’s TH and this is 32 because this is a 32mm fitting, this is 32mm socket.

So what I wanted to do with this is you get the end of the pipe, clean the pipe up, if you have a look at that website, the step-by-step, it shows you how to do it. But you’ve got your fitting, you just push the fitting on, make sure it’s on and if you have a look on there, don’t know if you can see, you can see the hole there, we can see the pipe its gone all the way in and obviously on that one you can see it hasn’t gone in yet cause there’s no pipe. And then we just get this press gun on there, make sure it’s all in and that’s it you heard it click. And then when you look at your fitting it’s all crimped on, it’s not going to go nowhere that. And as I said, you got the aluminium part up the pipe and then you’ve got the brass there and it’s got a double O-ring in that as well so there’s zero air ingress. So it’s much better than using normal push-fit, speed-fit polypipe whatever.

Just so you can understand how this works, normally I wouldn’t do this, but if you take the cap off just have a look inside what you’ve got there you’ve got double O-ring and then obviously this bit, this is the same, so this is a socket. And then when you get your pipe, your pipe’s pushing overtop of there, I’m not gonna push that on cause it’s a bit awkward to upper cuff, but you can see what’s happening, you got two O-rings on there and then also you’re crimping the pipe onto it, so you’ve put your pipe all the way in and then them little holes there they, don’t know if you can see that very well.

So you’ve pushed your pipe in there and you can see it’s all the way in if you have a look on the inside there you can see it’s all the way in on the inside. So if it wasn’t all the way in like there you can see, you can tell so it’s a really good system. And these fittings, these brass fittings are real quality as well. And that’s the MLCP pipe, multilayer Blansol pipe and that’s all pressed on now and it’s also pressed on the copper as well. And you get or you can buy a coupling with straight tails in so you can convert it back to copper. Just doing the rest of this now.

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