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Flushing a heating system with a magnaclean filter the day before changing the boiler. Today working in Yeadon, in Leeds. So, we’re fitting a new boiler, we’re going to replace this boiler here. We’re going to do that tomorrow, but today what we’re going to do is we’re going to flush the system out, so we’re going to do a magnacleanse.

So what I’m going to do is I’ll do a step by step guide on how to do a magnacleanse. So we’ve already fitted our Omega Filter here, so we’re going to undo this off and we’re going to connect the adaptor in that we’ve got for our magnacleanse.

So we’ve got us an Omega flushing adaptor here, so we’ll just turn these valves off, and then we’ll drain the filter down, and then we’ll take the brass body off. And then we’ll connect our adaptor, this flushing adaptor, into there.

So, just to point out, this pipe here is your return from your central heating, and this one on the bottom is the return back to the boiler. So that’s important because when we connect our magnacleanse into it, we’ll see the magnacleanse has got arrows on it. So we want this connection here to go into the bottom of the magnacleanse, and I’ll show you that now.

So, on your magnacleanse, your magnacleanse has got an arrow there. So, when get our hoses, we’ve got two hoses, and one of them has got the drain lock on. So that’s the one that we’re going to connect to there, because that’s going to connect into the bottom of the magnacleanse.

And then we’ll just connect our other hose. And then we’re just going to put our chemicals in, and then we’re going to let the system flush around.

So we’re just going to use some Fernox F5 on this, we’re going to put this in and let it just run around the system. Put the magnets back in. And then just open the valves up.

And then what we’ll do is we’ll top the boiler backup and we’ll put the heating on. So we’re just filling the boiler up now, so we’ve just opened these valves, this is on the Vaillant Eco Tech Plus. Just put some pressure in.

So we’re just going to clean the magnets. So that’s us doing a magnacleanse, if you’ve got any questions please put them in the comments below. Also, with this magnacleanse you can go around and you can do … they have a clean, which you can go across the radiators. We haven’t used that today, but you can use that as well. Thank you for taking the time watch our video.

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