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How to repair your Vaillant combi boiler. Fault codeF22 / F75
Fill up or Top up your Vaillant Combi Boiler. Repressure
Today we’re working on heating system in leeds. I’m going to show you how to top up, fill up, or re-pressurize your Vaillant combi boiler.

So this is a Vaillant ecoTEC Plus that we’re here with, today. So what we’ve got on this, we’ve got low water pressure, so I’ll show you the gauge on the front, and then I’ll show you underneath, what you need to do to fill it up and get your boiler working again. Let’s have a look now.

What you might find is you might find an F.75 fault and low water pressure. That’s at 0.6 bar. And then when you look at your gauge, you can see the gauge is down at the bottom. We’ll need to top that up. It needs to be about one or just over one bar.

There’s two taps. There’s one here, and there’s one here. What we have to do is, we have to open them to increase the pressure, and by increasing the pressure, that gauge in there will go up, and also the gauge on there. What we’ve got to be careful is, not to put too much pressure in. So how this works is, if you have a look at this pipe here, this pipe is the cold pipe there, and the cold water from there, when you open that, goes around this flexible pipe here, and it goes into the pipe here for the heating.

What we’ll do now is, we’ll slowly … so we’ve opened the cold there, now. And then what we’ll do is we’ll slowly open this one. As we open it, you let water go in there. And then if we have a look at the gauge on the front, so we’ve got F.75 fault code. So we just put a bit more in.

And we’ll see the gauge there, it will start going up.

We’ve still got F.75 on there. And then the pressure now is starting to go up on the gauge. So on this boiler, it doesn’t actually have any numbers on the gauge, which is a bit silly, really. So if we do it to about there, what we’ll do underneath, we will turn it back off, like that. And then we’ll reset this boiler.

There we go, the boiler is back working. So that’s the most common cause for an F.75 fault, but there could be various other things, so if that fixed your problem, please add comments below. If it hasn’t fixed your problem, please add it in comments below, as well. If it didn’t fix the problem, then you’ll need to call out a engineer, who will be able to help you further.

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