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Leaking combi boiler in Menston Leeds. My name’s Allen Hart, today we’re with Mackie repairing a leaking Baxi. These Baxi Duo Tec’s are normally very reliable but this is obviously when it’s been installed.
Today we’ve come out to a Baxi Duo Tec. Duo Tec’s seem to have a spat of problems, or they’ll start to leak through the diverter valve, making a lot of mess. So we’re going to change it today. What you need to do is drain the system, remove the diverter head. Notice that’s wet, it’s still operational so we’ll dry that out. Unscrew the top. I have to show you something. There’s the old one, notice it’s green cleaner left in this system.
What they do is they leak through the top there. If you notice there’s a few differences there. The old one is longer, it’s also difficult to tell because of the colour of it but this is actually plastic, whereas this is an all brass design. Probably see it a bit better on there.
Now we’re just going to take the new one, pop it back in there. Obviously we’ll tighten up and assemble it in reverse. On some of the older Baxi’s you did tend to get this leaking here. They did change that and put it into a brass washer. It’s all back up and running now so we’re just going to test it. We’re going to put it into service mode and check emissions on it, and make sure it’s all safe for us to leave it working for the customer. We’ve advised the customer to have the cleaner drained out of the system and some inhibitor added. Just so that this fault don’t happen again. Also it would be a good idea to have a filter fitted to protect it in the future.
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