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Spirotech Low Loss Header how does it work LLH
We’re just finishing off a system where we’ve balanced two Viessmann 100 boilers together. We’ve fitted a SpiroCross low loss header.

Right, so how does this Spirotech work? So the pump head in our boilers isn’t enough to feed this system. So what happens here is we get the hot water coming in from the boilers into here, and then it mixes a bit in here, and then the bigger pumps pull this through here. And then what it does on the return is, because obviously the flow is too high for the boilers, so on the return what it’ll do is it’ll come in here, and a little bit of this will actually mix with this, so it allows air flow for the rest of the system. Works really, really well.

This system is amazing. The system works really, really well. So then the flow out of this SpiroCross here is here. That goes across here. That goes off to its pump for another zone that we’ve got, and also for the hot water, and then it just goes up there and that feeds the pump for the main house. Obviously it’s quite a big house.

Right, and then we’ve got its returns from this low loss header. So this is return back to boiler for your low loss header, ’cause down here, across here, and again it Ts into there. So we’ve got its return front boiler there. The tip boiler, should I say … to low loss header there, and again that goes into the low loss header, this boiler across.

So here we’ve got a SpiroTech Spirocross low loss header. It’s got the It’s also got the gauze inside, which helps with dirt separation. And then it’s got a drain-off on the bottom, and that allows you obviously to drain the system. But not only that, when you do get some muck in this dirt … It all drops to the bottom, and then you’re able to clean it out. I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Really good design. These other low loss headers that I’ve seen, they just don’t look the quality. These just do look very, very good.

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