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New Boiler plus approved control Baxi 630 with Nest thermostat on opentherm. Today we are working in Bramley Leeds. I just thought I’d do you a short video on how to wire the Baxi 600 onto OpenTherm with a Nest. So, if you have a look on them connections there, your black and your grey, they’re in OT1 and OT2, and then, in the boiler, they’re just wired into there and there, and that does your Nest. So we’ve got us Nest there, and, if we see there, flow temperature is sort of like 53 or so, 54, and then that’s because the difference is only half a degree. So when I turn this up to full, in a minute, the boiler will recognise that, and then the flow temperature on this, the boiler, will ramp up. I’ll just leave it a minute, so you can see.
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Just while we look on that, if you just look in there. So we’ve got there, we’ve got us live and neutral. We’ve got us earth there into earth’s connection, and then OT1 and OT2 for your OpenTherm. And then in your Baxi boiler, your Baxi 600 … Just get a screwdriver. So you’ve got your connection there and your connection there, and, if you have a look, you’ll see you’ve got two black wires there. I don’t know if you heard that then, that’s actually just ramped up now. And the reason that’s ramped up is because the difference in temperature now. So, when it gets closer to the temperature of what it needs to be, the boiler then will ramp down, so that it saves you money on your gas bills.

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