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BAXI IFOS KIT – How to install the new Ifos weather comp kit from Baxi. Baxi in flue sensor. IFOS – BAXI IFOS KIT
Step by step guide on unboxing and installing the new Baxi Ifos outdoor sensor. Today, we have the new Baxi IFOS kit. This is the weather compensation kit for the Baxi combi boilers. What we’re going to do is I’m going to open the box up. I’m going to look at what we get inside the box. Then, we’re going to fit it onto this boiler. Then, I’ll go through the display. We’ll see how it works. I’ve not fitted one yet, so this is the first one I’ve actually seen, so we’re going to open it up, and we’ll see what it’s like inside.
So let’s have a look inside the box. So, that’s the sensor. Clips into the flue. Then, you’ve got your wire that goes down our intake. We’ve also got a wiring kit. There’s a few clips in there as well. Then, the most important thing of all, the instructions.
When we’re looking at the instructions on page two, it tells us the list of boilers that this is compatible with. On there we’ve got the Joytech. We’ve got the Platinum. We’ve got the Main Elite Combi Range. We’ve got the Potterton ProMax Combi Range. We’ve got the Potterton Gold Combi Range and the Potterton Titanium Combi Range. That’s in your group A boilers. Then we’ve got group B boilers, which is your Baxi 100, and your Potterton Promax Ultra Combi Range. Then, you’ve got your group C, so group C, you’ve got your Baxi EcoBlue. And then, group D, we’ve got Baxi 200. We’ve got Baxi 400 Combi Range. Then, we’ve got group E. In group E we’ve got your Baxi 600, and we’ve got your Potterton Assure Combi Range as well.
When you go through these instructions, it tells you different ways to fit this for different boilers. So, on some of the boilers you will need this kit. Other ones in the range, you’ll just need this one. I’ll show you with this one what we need to do. This one is the Baxi 600. This is the new compact combi from Baxi.
First of all, we’re going to turn the power off to the boiler, and we’re going to check then for safe isolation of the electric to the boiler. This boiler’s actually got the Nest thermostat wired in, so for demonstrations of this video, I’m going to disconnect that, and we’re going to wire the weather comp sensor in instead. So now, we’re going to remove the case on the boiler. Always remember, anybody who works on a gas boiler must be gas safe registered. It’s very, very important. In my daily life I constantly see people that’s messed about with gas, and they cause no end of problems, so always use a gas safe registered engineer.
So, I’m going to remove the flue on this one because it’s nice and easy. Because I have not cemented this one in yet. This is just a demo boiler. So we’ve got outdoor sensor. So, very, very easy. Just get this wire, this is a bit long. We’ll cut this down once it’s inside the boiler, flue. So, by the looks of it you just slide that, just like that down inside. Just clips in, nice and easy. So it just clips on, nice and easy. So we’re just going to put this wire down the inner flue, here. Being careful not to put the wire near the heat exchanger, so we need to root it away from the heat exchanger. So, it goes on nice and easy there. And as I said just root this away from any heat source, down here into these clips.
So, for the Baxi 600 we’re looking at page 12 of the instructions. And if you look on page 12, it shows you the terminals we want, is number 4 and number 5. Which are these brown wires, here. So, I’m just going to wire this into here now. These wires are all loose here. These are for the Nest thermostat, they’re waiting. so I’m just disconnecting them for now.
So, we can see there, we connect the wires in, where the ground wires are, so that’s number 4 and 5. Right, so now we’re going to switch the power on. So now the boiler is calling for heat. And again if you look at page 12, it tells us, what to set this code on the … So I’ve just locked in the outside temperature as about 9 degrees. So we would expect that, outside temperature 9, about there. So if we set that curve to 40, we would expect this temperature to go to about 59-58ish. Which don’t seem far off.
So, with this Baxi has made it really simple to comply with the new boiler plus regulations. So you can just fit this outdoor sensor into the flue and you can just use your standard controls. So whatever controls you want to use, you can use. And they will work on the time, as normal, to switch on and off on your normal settings. And then the weather comp sensor. What that will do is, if the temperature outside is higher. So, say it’s 20 degrees outside, then the flow temperature in the boiler will be lower. Hence, that will save you some money on your gas bills. And when it gets down to say -5 degrees in the winter months. Then the flow temperature on the boiler will be higher. So, again it will balance out and it will save you money in the long run.

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