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Rogue traders Ideal Vogue DIY install. Today we’ve been called out to a badly installed Vogue, Ideal Vogue boiler. So I’m just doing my day in the life of a plumber / gas engineer. So I’ll just show you what we have to do on a daily basis, and issues that we see, and what we have to do.

So, this boiler, if it had been installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, it would come with a 10-year parts and labour warranty. But, the instal is not very good and there’s no bench mark filled in, so I’m assuming that its not been done by somebody who is gas-safe. And I’ll show you a few of the issues that we’ve got with it.

So the flue is not installed correctly and this, the gas pipe work is not sleeved through the wall, and the bench mark hasn’t been filled in either.

So, let me look at the pipe work under here. None of this is clipped or supported. Let me look at the flow return. The flow return goes straight onto the, don’t know if you can see that very well there, and then it goes onto small pipe, it goes onto 15 mm pipe. So that 15 mm pipe then feeds all the house. Now bearing in mind this is a four bedroom detached house in Horsforth, in Leeds. That’s not going to work very well.

There’s also a few other issues. The system is very mucky, so we’re going to flush this out. We’re going to flush it out today. We’re going to put a filter on here, and we’re also going to fit a nest on there today and then what we’re going to do then is we’re going to advise the customer to have this re-piped, but at some point in the future the customer is going to have the boiler moved because this is up in the loft and they don’t want it to be up here.

So we’re just going to cut this pipe work out now. We’re going to put a filter in. We’ve got this new pipe slice, we’re going to give this a try, and see what fits with.

You seen there, also this is new pipe work and it’s really mucky. So we’re just going to put some Fernox F5 into this now. So we’ve connected the Magnacleanse on to this now and what we’re going to do, the first thing we’re going to do is vent this, so this has got lovely function on this boiler. Scroll it to vent. Click on there. And this will just try and get some of the air out of it because we don’t want to fight the boiler the air and heat exchange.

So we’ve also into this and we’ve connected this on so this will now be Boiler Plus compatible. So we’ve altered the pipe work a little bit here just so that this gets the air to here and then it will go of out the outer air vents rather than going back to the boiler. So what will happen if, obviously that way around and it will get air in as well. The boiler is really noisy so we’ll flush this system now with putting a mega filter on there. And we’ll also fade the nest on this and we’ll wide that up as so it’s boiler plus compatible. So the customer is going to get an extension on this house downstairs so when they do that they’re going to move this boiler and then I’ve always re-piped because obviously all the house comes off 15 mm which isn’t great really.

It just needs re-piping really. Which is a shame because obviously the Ideal Vogue is one of the best boilers on the market, and it would have had a ten year parts and labour warranty.

So, there we have it, it’s Ideal Vogue. We flushed the system out, we’ve altered the pipe work a little bit for now until the boiler is moved. Just to get the air, so the air is not getting into the boiler. Thanks for watching. http://cchleeds.co.uk/services/boiler-installation Gas boiler installation in Leeds. New gas boiler Leeds

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