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Hi guys. Day in the life of a plumber / gas engineer. Today, was supposed to be me day off, but I’ve just been called out to … I’ve got a customer’s who got a leak, she’s got a Vaillant that’s leaking. She just asked me to go do that, so I’ll show you. I’ll just put a brief video in, just to show you what we’re doing there.

I’ve also got another customer that’s found they got leaky Worcester. Also, I’ll just add a little video to that, as well, just to show you what we’ve been doing today. It’s Saturday, today, on the bank holiday weekend. As I said, it’s supposed to be my day off. But, I’m out to see if customers need us, then we need to go out to them.

We’ve got a Vaillant with an alt 11 leaking. It’s a Vaillant 637. Also, we’ve got a leak in Fernox TF1. We’re gonna give customer a quote to replace the filter, and also just a repair the alt 11, as well. There.

That was interesting. That was a Vaillant that was leaking. It was just leaking from alt 11, so it’s not a big problem. Also, it were leaking from the Fernox filter. I’m gonna give the customer a quote to repair the filter, and also put a new alt 11 tank. But, we’ve got it back working for now, and it’s not leaking now. Yeah. We’ll give them a quote after bank holiday, so, Tuesday.

Second job of today is a leaking Worcester. Again, the leaking plastics on Worcester. The

That was a floater behind … The customer had actually started to mess about with the boiler themself. They’ve ended up getting water on the bog. We’ve repaired the floater bind, we’ve got the water back on for them. But, unfortunately, they’re gonna need a new bard for the boiler. They’re gonna have to wait until next week, ’til Tuesday, before we can get a price for that. And, then, we’ll bob back and we’ll give them a quote for a bard changing.

That’s me day. I’m gonna go back home now, go spend some time with me family. Thanks for watching.

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