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Check out my new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p77iH66vcUo
Today we are in Leeds at baxi demonstrating the Baxi EcoBlue Advanced Heat , Always make sure you use a gassafe gas engineer .
i have actually had lads who who,s been commissioning thought it wasnt on they have had the apprentice owe because the pipes is red hot and then some guy has walked outside and seen it pluming because they don,t think its on heard that its whisper quiet thats with the case off if i put it in commissioning with front off its 30 something decibels 33 or something that is now in normal mode running the central heating for you if i press and hold thats low fire , you can see the fan spinning you cannot even hear it can you , tell you what just whip the air intake off and see what it sounds like , it makes a high amount of noise , they have done in the past yes , its not that loud , o right i see it is , to put this boiler into commissioning mode as you can see at the moment you have one green light which will flash every now and then so to put it into chimney sweep you need to press and hold the chimney sweep button until it turns orange once it turns orange you will get an orange flash one orange flash as you can see to put it into high fire you press that same button twice and you will get two orange flashes that is now in high fire once you have check sign and low you just press that reset button once that is now back into normal demand , thank you for taking the time to watch out video comissoning a baxi ecoblue advanced heat

Allen Hart

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