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Ideal Logic cracked sump #SumpGate today we are going to look on the sumps on the ideal range of boilers so the ideal logic ideal independent ideal esprit etc then we are going to look at the crack that we get on the front of these so we have got a few different types of sump here so this one is for the combi so the one on the combi the pipe comes out of the bottom on the combi these sumps do seem to be cracking in the same place and leaking causing quite a lot of damage sometimes on all the boilers they do seem to be getting very common now so lets have a look at the heat only now so this is the heat only sump now from a logic so again there you can see its cracked in the same place and you can tell its heat only because the pipe comes out of the side so i will just pass you over to mackie now and he will show you one that is leaking ideal logic their it is the dreaded crack this one also seems to have cracked underneath i haven’t seen one like that before what happens is it drips into the bottom of the boiler and it can make a right mess of it and it seems to be the main crack can you see it there seems to be a manufactures joint around there and it always seems to crack there if you do find you have a leaking ideal logic always call for a gas safe registered engineers not corgi this is not something that you can do DIY

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