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Today we are with John Wilson from Ravenheat talking about the CS80 CS90 and the White heat 80 90 WH80 WH90 . thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you our range of boilers , going through the features and benefits of the cs90 the cs90 is the 3okw version of the range there is also the cs80 which is the 25kw both carrying a 2 year manufactures warranty the white heat version comes with a 7 year manufactures warranty just to take you through the features and benefits , light weight , easy to install , the 30 kw is 30 kg and the 25kw is 25 kg so easy to install easy to lift , no sharp edges , the fixing tabs are at the top 2 screws dead easy to lift onto the wall, when the valve pack is fitted its easy to pipe up the valves are integral so the customers eye line they are unseen as you can see on the boiler its a nice clean line if you look on the left hand side you will see the appliance is close to the wall this isn’t a problem as the side panels will just withdraw its not necessary to pull the side panels to left or right to disengage from the back they will just withdraw from the sides so side clearance is not an issues , yes you can hang the boiler onto combustible material that is not a problem so mdf if you are on a balanced flue or anything no issues at all we are in the process of a fixing bracket as well but we also have a standoff bracket available if we have any issues with the wall and that will help you with piping up the back condensate is concertina so this can be fitting anywhere along the line of pipes your not actually stuck to one side obviously we like to see 1 1/2 inch in old money waste pipe coming through for the condensate but no need to put a bung in as the boiler has a balll to stop the any products of combustion coming back into the room , when we look at the display we also have as an optional extra if this is been fitted in a loft or a garage you can disconnect this control this control is volt free switching so the customer cannot come into contact with any high tension electrics so no high voltage if you are fitting in a zone two situation but if you are fitting in a loft the most important thing to remember is of the public and your customer base that they can see the pressure on the boiler if the boiler is in the loft then the customer cannot see that so you can detach this and an optional extra its like a thermostat you can have on the wall where you can fit downstairs and the customer can see the pressure on it they can also set the times and temp and use all the features on the boiler can be set downstairs

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