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Hello my name is mike mackie from mackie heating and i am here today to show you how to do a service and remove the burner on a Atag IC Economiser combi boiler first of all we need to make sure its electrically sound and make sure its isolated from the mains which i have done , on the top of the boiler there are two screws which we need to undo for the purposes of this video we have done that. First of all we unclip there and there and the case will just lift off you will notice on the case here there is a earth tab that you need to remove as well , they actually earth the case on these boilers because the boiler does not do it naturally with any screws or anything , so unclip the earth from the case and put the case somewhere safe so the next thing you need to do is remove the silencer or air intake its on some Velcro just here clip and just lift up and off that needs to go somewhere safe too so we also need to disconnect two plugs from the fan that’s one and that’s the other undo the gas valve for the purposes of this video we have loosened the nut this is normally tighter the nut off the gas valve come straight off, to remove burner we need a 4 mm Allen key , this 4 mm Allen key can be used to dismantle most of the boiler off like that they both turn inwards one two and the bars just slide forward there is one there is two so now we need to gentle slide the whole burner forward taking it out with the fan like so , its an ebm fan ceramic burner and the burner may just need brushing if its dirty or anything you also need to check on the back removing this clip here which i shall do in a minute but if you just want to have a look in that you will see the tubes so i have just unclipped this clip here with a flat head screw driver gently remove the ceramic burner as easy as that check the burner seal make sure that’s in good condition its also worth noting when you do this the seal must be replaced so we are showing you a full strip down today of the burner it only needs to be done every four years or if the fga is out tightening nut back in and closing cams just put plugs back into fan and then just nip that up with spanner

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