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NOISY GAS BOILER CUSTOMER NOT HAPPY. We installed a new GAS COMBI BOILER 12 months ago. All sorted now though and customer happy.
New Combi Boiler installation. Customer not happy. Today I’m doing Day in the Life of a Plumber. This one, it’s a complaint, it’s a customer complaint. I fitted this boiler 12 months ago and once I fitted it the customer said it was too noisy, and they actually wanted to reject the boiler, so they wanted us to come and take it out and put a boiler in that were quieter than the one that we fitted. What I’m going to do is I’ll show you this instal, and then what I’ll do is I’ll show you, or I’ll try and find some clips of the previous instal.

The previous instal was quite bad, and the pipework, it wasn’t clipped. I can only assume with this that because we’ve clipped all the pipes that’s what’s made the system noisier. I’m not really sure but what we’ll do is go inside now, we’ll have a look, and I’ll show you the instal that we’ve done. You can see what you think of it and give me some feedback, because I’m always open to criticism. If you feel that we could’ve done something better then tell me. Yeah, so let’s go and have a look now.

If we look at the pipework under this old boiler here, none of it’s clipped, just been thrown in really. What we’ll do is we’ll cut this out, we’ll cut this back, we’ll get some clips on it, and we’ll tidy all this up for the customer so it’s all nice and neat. It’s a Baxi Platinum and it’s 33 Combi Boiler. We’ve flushed the system out, we’ve fitted a filter on this system, we’ve fitted an Omega Filter there, and then we’ve lagged all the pipes and put a few clips on the gas. The gas didn’t have no clips on at all if I remember rightly, we’ll have a look on the previous video and see, but I don’t think it did. It’s all clips now and I would say it’s a fairly neat instal to be honest.

We’re here to do a service on this today, but the Baxi Platinum is a fairly noisy boiler. It’s got a stainless steel heat exchanger, but the boiler we took out also had a stainless steel heat exchanger. I’ll have a look inside now anyway. I’m going to flush this filter out, and we’ll take the case off. I’ve got my service kit like this, got filters here, so I’ve just got a washing machine hose, which I’ll connect onto the bottom of the TF1 Omega. It’s nice and easy to clean out into a bucket.

This is the boiler on full now, in service mode. It’s not that loud really, and it is in a garage that’s away from the house. You can also hear the flue gas analyser on that last video. This is the old boiler that we removed last year. As we can see, there, it also had a stainless steel heat exchanger. Just to summarise what we’ve done there, I’ve added a few bits in from when we installed the boiler, as well, so that you can see what was in before and what’s in now.

So, customer phoned me up after the boiler were installed, maybe a couple of weeks after, and said that the boiler was noisy. I went out to that job within one hour. Customer said it was noisy so I also got Baxi out to it, Baxi came out the day after. We tested the boiler, we tested it with the decibel metre, and it were all within the limits of what it’s supposed to be. Sorry about that.

What I’d say is, personally I don’t think we could have done anything differently on this particular job, but I’m not going to run away from a customer complaint, because if you run away from it it’s only going to get worse. You might as well just answer the phone, and go out, and see what the issues are, and try your best to resolve it. And now, from that, I’ve ended up going back this year and doing the boiler service for them.

The customer is happy, they feel that I did a good instal. They just felt that the boiler was quite noisy, but they’re happy now. But yeah, if you could give me some feedback below I’ll appreciate it. Always remember, just to see what your customer’s needs are. In this case the boiler was in a garage, but if that boiler would’ve been in an airing cupboard and there’s three bedrooms round it then it could’ve been a different story. We could’ve ended up taking the boiler and fitting them a different boiler.

Just always be careful what you spec for a customer, just because, if they really complained enough they could ask for the boiler to be changed, so just be careful what you quote for. And yeah, thanks for watching.

Allen Hart

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