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Thermoboost Energy saving additive demonstration
Today I want to show you a short clip of Thermoboost. So it’s a central heating additive. So it’s a chemical that you add in to your central heating system. And I want to ask you guys what you think to it, and if you’ve used it. And do you think it does what it says?

So they say that it helps with heat transfer, it helps with speed-up time. It reduces your heating bills by up to 20%, which I think, well, yeah, I’ll let you tell me what you think. But it seems like a bold claim, does that.

And it works with all heating systems, so what I’ll do is I’ll show you this short clip now, and at the end, if you could just give me some comments and tell me what you think to it.

Hi guys, Eddie from Wiseman Industries, showing you Thermoboost, the heating additive. So the idea of Thermoboost is that it speeds up heat time in your radiators and your heating system at home, to effectively benefit the end user, your customer, and you save them money on your energy bills. On their energy bills. Their energy bills will be reduced by putting Thermoboost into the system.

I’ll show you a quick demonstration now. Very, very simple process. We are treating 150 millilitres of normal tap water with a capful, a dose, of Thermoboost. We put these on the heat at the same time, so you’ve got Radiator A. Radiator A is your normal system water, no heat transfer fluid or additive whatsoever. Radiator B has obviously got your transfer fluid in. And the idea of this demonstration is to show you guys the product will heat up quicker than water. You’re not changing physics. All you’re is by reducing the oxygen levels in the water, you’re enabling a quicker speed-up of your water, so your water heats up quicker, and it will also cool down slower, with this product in your system.

So I’ll come round to the table now. And you should see in a relatively small space of time, that the heat transfer fluid is taking hold. So the idea of the demonstration, as I say, is to achieve this. It’s to give you guys an indication of just how effective putting in a fluid heat transfer fluid can be. You can use this product, Thermoboost, with any other chemical, with any plastic, with any boiler. It’s absolutely fine. It’ll mix aluminium heat exchangers, and the life span is between three to five years. After three to five years, we would recommend a re-dose, because over time, it will break down in the water and a re-dose would be more beneficial to your outcome.

One final look at the temperatures before we go, and you’re going to see, you’ve already achieved near on 50 degrees and 30 respectively.

Thank you for taking the time to watch our video. Please add your comments below and let us know what you think of it. Thank you.

What? Thank you. Thanks for your time.

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