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First look at the new wireless boiler plus programmable room thermostat from ESI I’m going to look at a new control for Boiler Plus. This is a new control that will comply with your Boiler Plus regulations. This is the ESi control. What I’m going to do is I’m going to open it up and I’m going to have a look inside, see what I think to it. Now, this is the first one I’ve seen. I’ve not opened the box yet. I’m going to open it up and I’m going to give you my first opinion of it.
Then what we’re going to do then is we’re going to instal it onto this Baxi 600 boiler here and then we’ll set it up and see what we think of it. Then I do welcome feedback from anybody who is installing these already, so if you’re already installing these, I’d really be grateful. Add some comments below and let us know what you think to it.
Let’s have a look now. First of all, I’d like to thank Spinks in Leeds, the plumber merchants. They’ve provided this control for me to do a review on. All right then. Let’s have a look inside the box. What do we get? Instructions, some more instructions, a controller, some batteries, not in there, the receiver. It looks like it’s got a standard style back plate. We’ll have a look at that in a minute. Self-fixing screws, and then a stand, so that must clip on the stand.
As always, I’d advise you to read the instructions. If you’re going to be installing quite a few of these, then if you read the instructions the first time, then at least you’ll be fittin’ ’em right from day one. Read the instructions, most important thing of all. If we have a look in the instructions here, it just tells you we need to be 1.5 metres high. I’ve undone the two screws here on the back plate. Lift the back plate off and then I’m just going to fit the back plate on here. This is only for demonstration purposes. I’ll be taking this back off afterwards.
We’ve isolated the boiler. We’ve done his electrical checks. Always make sure that you’re competent if you’re going to be working on gas and also if you’re going to take the case off a boiler, you need to be Gas Safe registered. Let’s have a look inside now. At the moment in this Baxi 600, we’ve got connected via OpenTherm, so we’ve got a Nest Thermostat on this at the moment. I’m going to disconnect this and then we’re going to connect our new control into this. If we have a look here, we’ve got live, we’ve got neutral, and we’ve got his earth. Then we’ve got switch wires here. Them switch wires, we’re going to put in here because this control works off TPI, so we’ll have a look at that now.
well. There’s a cutout section at bottom of here for the wires and then the receiver just clicks onto there. Then for purpose of this video, I’m going to put the clock here. It does come with a stand as well, but I’m just going to put it on the wall here and then we can see it working together when we fire it up. The programmer, that’s wireless, and it gives you the option so you can fit it onto a stand or you can fit it on the wall if you like and it comes with batteries. I’m just going to put these batteries into here now. We’ve put the batteries in there now and then we’re going to turn the power onto this.
If we just scroll that up so we can let the boiler fire up … Don’t know if you heard that click then? Then the boiler’s firing up. Turn that back down, going on. It’s already too warm in here. When you first look at this, the cover doesn’t stay down. What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to pull that cover off of the front of it and then it goes down then, but this is the ESi Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat. It’s about £40. For £40, it also complies with Boiler Plus. I don’t think you can go wrong with it for £40, to be honest. It looks okay. Obviously, it’ll depend on how reliable they are going forward, but this is TPI as well. It looks good. I’m quite impressed with it, to be honest. Some of it feels a little bit cheap, like that button there. It’s got a little line there which is a little bit hard to see, but for £40, you can’t fault it, I don’t think, to be honest.
That’s the ESi Programmable Room Thermostat, which is wireless and complies with Boiler Plus. All in all, my opinion so far, obviously I’ve not installed them on customers’ houses yet, so I don’t think how reliable they will be going forward, but I think they look good. They look okay. They look valuable for money and I don’t think there’s anything on the market that’s anywhere near that price for the functions that this does. It also has advanced settings in there as well, which I’m going to play with a bit later, but thanks for watching. I hope this video was of some use to somebody. #BoilerPlus #buyandcomplywithesi

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