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Gas Engineer showing fault finding tips on gas combi boiler.
Common problem with new gas central heating boiler not working
today I wanted to show you a new boiler. A new boiler that’s not working. So, a common question that we get asked on the groups in the gas chat and also over in groups on Facebook is, “We’ve installed a new boiler but it’s not working.”

It’s got power to it but the boiler is not working. So, I want to show you now a common problem. I would say is nine times out of ten maybe even more than that it’s going to be installer error. Almost always it’s installer error. So, I’m just going to show you that now just to hopefully get you out of a sticky problem.

So, this is not designed to be a training video on electrics it’s just go give you a little over view of what the problem could be so always do your safety checks. Always do all your electrical checks, as you should, with your multi-meter. But, for this I’m assuming now.

I’ll show you this boiler. So, I’m going to switch this boiler on, so that gives us power. Now we’ve connected wires into here. I’ve only done this just so I can use multi-meter so I can just show you what’s going on.

But all of them that’s connected the live together. I’ve connected the neutral together and then the off is connected together as well there. Just on the side there.

That’s not designed to trick ya or anything like that. And when we look on the front of the boiler it’s showing blank. It’s showing that there’s no power to it. Now what we’re going to do is where going to have a look with multi-meter and then we’re going to prove that we’ve got power to it and see what the issue is.

So from inside into the off and then this side I’m putting into the live. So we can see there we’ve got power to the boiler so that … we’ve got power to here anyway and this from here then goes to the boiler, which we’ll have a look at the boiler in a minute.

Then we’ll look on the neutral, we’ve got less than 15 so that’s fine there. So, now what we’re going to do we’re going to take the case off the boiler and then we’ll have a look inside the boiler and see what the issue is inside there.

So, what we’ve done now is we’ve proved that we’ve got power up this way here into this wire is sent to. Now, what we’re going to do is take the case off the boiler and we’re going to check the wiring inside and then we can check the continuity from the wires back to this wiring centre and we can see what the problem is or could be.

Always remember if you’re going to remove the case off a boiler you must be Gas Safe registered. So, we’re going to do this electrical check to make sure this is safe and turned off and isolated before we remove the cover. Just turn the power off there, then we can test that.

On this boiler there’s just two screws at the bottom of the case so you can just undo them and the case will just lift off like that. And then we’ll just pull the flap down and then we can open up where the electrics are, here and then we can test this with the multi-meter. So, come on in and let’s have a look.

On this boiler, the Baxi 600, you just go to lift. It’s lifts out like that, so this problem could be on any boiler really. What we’ve got in here, we got this live wire, just there, which is the brown one. And then the blue one is its neutral and then the green is off wire.

Just for the purposes of this video, I’m going to turn the power back on to the boiler. And then, we’re going to do a few checks. I’ll just show you, we have the power to this boiler, so if we go on to the off there, and we go to live, we can see there we’ve got 242 volts, AC. And then we go to the neutral we’ve also got 237 volts, AC so we know straight away that we’ve got an issue there. We should haven’t that much volts on there.

Now what we’re going to do is I’m going to turn the power back off and I’m going to test these two wires here. Well, I’m going to test all three with the bleep on here and then we can see if we have continuity down the wires.

I’m going to put it on to live here and I’m going to put it back up to the live. So, we know we’ve got continuity there and now I’m going to do the off. And, again we can see that we got continuity and then now I’m going to do the neutral. So, there we can see that we’ve got a problem with the neutral. And this is a common problem. This is a very, very problem.

People, they get to five volts onto the brown, onto the live, and they think that the boiler should work but it needs to be wired correctly so, I’m going to multi-meter, you absolutely need a multi-meter for this job.

Just to confirm there. We’ve got a problem with this neutral. So, what I’m going to do is take the wire out and I’m going to show you. We’ve turned the power off. The power is off and we’ve checked it’s off.

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