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Laser Level Review Hilti PM 2 LG Laser Level and Accessories Review Honest Reviews
I’m going to talk about the Hilti laser level. This is the level from Hilti. What I wanted to do I wanted to do a long term review. I’ve had this quite a long time now. I did do some videos when I first got it. It may even be a couple years again, but I thought I’d do a long term review. I’ve used it for a long time now. Let’s have a look inside. I’m also going to show you the adapters that we used to connect it onto the wall and to just adjust it up and down. We’ve got different types of adapters that we can use. I’m gonna go through them as well just to show you different options.

Just to tell you a little bit about this laser level when I first got it I probably had it for about three months, four months, something like that and I had it on top of a ladder and on top of some steps, some step ladders and I dropped it and it was at the top of a flight of stairs and it fell down the stairs and bounced and the back of this snapped off. I took it to Hilti and I told them honest, I were honest with them. Told them what happened and Hilti replaced it free of charge. Just one thing I would like to say is thank you to Hilti because I think the service from Hilti is amazing and so yeah.

Let’s have a look. Come on let’s have a look now. I wanna look at the laser. This is the Hilti PM2LG so when we look at that, if we have a look at the back there there’s a catch there and that’s where your batteries are. You’re laser power is on the front. You’ve got a unlock and a lock function there. On the bottom of it you’ve got the screw so you can fasten it to you connections for like fastening it on brackets and stuff to the wall, which I’ll show you shortly. Then on the top there you’ve just got the button. That button does different functions. When you press it once and the you can press it twice and it goes forward. Then you press it again and it comes to a shape, but I’ll show you that bar in a few minutes.

The first accessory that I wanted to show you is the Hilti tripod. We’ve used this quite a bit. I just screw this onto the top of there. Now, if I’m honest with you I wouldn’t buy another Hilti tripod. I don’t think the tripod’s very good. I would try and find somebody who makes a better quality one, but that’s one way of connecting the laser. Then, obviously when you’re gonna use it you just press that and you can see you’re laser line on there. You see that laser line. Just the tripod just moved. The tripod is not very good. Hilti probably don’t make the tripod, but the tripod’s definitely not very good or the one that I’ve got isn’t very good anyway. It may be that it’s just the one that I’ve got.

The next one I wanted to show you is the magnetic adapter. This one just connects it on like that. Then you have this bracket. Then you’ve got your bottom of your laser level there and then that just goes on like that again. That ones very good. Obviously if you’ve got something magnetic to connect on to. I really like that one. It’s very strong.

The next one we have is also magnetic. This is also a tripod. You can use that in different ways. First of all I’ll show you just on pilot there. You can just connect it on, onto something like magnetic if you need to. This one is the tripod. That one you just put where you want and then obviously screw that into top of there.

This is the next one that we’ve got. This is just adjustable so you can just turn this into anything you’d like and then it’s got the connections on there. Then you use this adaptor again to put it wherever you want. All way around. That just goes on like that and that just clips in and then you just put that anywhere you like. On this little thing. Again, we can just put it on there and then we can just put this laser level on top of it there.

That’s your Hilti laser level. What do I think of it? My review after two years is I think it’s really good. I had a Stanley one before this and I think that this one’s far better and the adapters and stuff are good as well. If you’ve got any questions please add them in the comments below. I hope this video was of some use to somebody and thanks for watching.

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