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Ideal Logic Plus Combi Boiler Service. I’m just gonna show you an update video on how to put an ideal logic plus into service mode. So I have done a few videos before and I’ve done ’em to the manufacturers instructions, but I’ve just found a little bit of an easier way, really. So, what we’ll do is, we’ll have a look at this now. We’ll do a video. I’ll show you how to put it into service mode. Let’s have a look, now.

So putting an Ideal Logic Plus into service mode. If we put a demand on, so we’ve got call for heat. And then on here, in the instructions it tells you to take it to about there, but what I’ve later found, by doing a video previously, is if you put it to there and then you just turn it to there, back to there and then back, it will go into service mode on minimum.

If you do that again, back to the and back to the max, it will go into service mode, maximum. So that’s a lot easier than the way that I was doing it before, like that. I hope that helps.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, putting an Ideal Logic into service mode.

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