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NEST ROOM THERMOSTAT. NEST INSTALLATION. HOW TO INSTALL A NEST THERMOSTAT. Smart underfloor heating control. Combi Boiler. In-Floor Radiant. Underfloor Heating. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to instal a Nest Learning Thermostat from start to finish into an in floor radiant system, also underfloor heating and to a combi boiler. It’s just going to be a step by step guide, include connection the Nest to your phone as well.

My name’s Allen Hart, and today I’m going to look at how to wire a Nest Thermostat. I’m going to instal the Nest, I’m going to replace this thermostat that I’ve got here on the underfloor heating system. So, I’m going to show you how to wire the Nest Thermostat, or the Nest NEST Learning Thermostat, onto an underfloor heating system. I’m also going to show you how to wire it onto a combi boiler. I’ve got quite a few combi boilers here, so I can show you different ways of connecting it onto different boilers as well.

Yeah, let’s have a look now. First of all we’ll just have a very quick look at what’s in the box when you buy it. This thermostat, I bought this thermostat out of my own money, and I’m going to instal it in my man cave. And I’ve got Nest Thermostats already, so that’s why I’ve got a Nest.

When you get these, they’ve got a little seal on there. Take the seal off and then we can have a look inside the box. Just take the cover off, you’ve got your Nest Thermostat. So, that’s the bit that would go on the wall, or on your stand if you have a stand. I’m doing it, I’m going to instal this one on the wall. Got the instructions in there, and there’s some different wiring diagrams in there as well. We’ll go through them in a few minutes.

We’ve got the heat link, so that’s the part that would wire to the boiler. We’ll do that shortly as well. We’ve got the back plate for the thermostat, this is where you put the wires if you’re going to wire this. And again, we’ll go through that shortly. And then you’ve just got a few screws in there as well. Let’s connect it onto the wall.

In the first page of the book, it’s actually page five, but it’s the first page that’s got all that really matters, it shows you what you should have in the box. So, you should have the trim plate, which I’ll show you that shortly. The display, the base, the heat link, and some screws.

So, first of all we’ll start with the heat link, we’ve got that here. We’ve got a screw, just on bottom of there. And if you undo that screw, you can just life the front cover off. So, we’ll have a closer look at this now.

For the first section of this video, I’m going to instal it onto the underfloor heating wiring centre. So, I’m just going to connect this onto the wall here. This video is just for advice, so always use someone who is competent to do wiring. If we start on here, we’ve got the neutral, we’ve got our live, and we’ve got an earth there. First wire I’m going to connect in, I’m going to put a loose lead on, which will be the neutral, the live, and the earth. I’m going to put that into here now.

I’ve wired the neutral in there, that’s the blue wire, and that’s the live. I’m also going to wire this earth wire, and that goes in here. Now, the instructions say if you’re going to wire in T1 and T2, then it needs an earth, so that’s why we’re going to wire that in. I’ve labelled the live, the neutral and the earth on this, and that’s something that’s common, so you’re always going to need that, whichever system that you wire, you’re always going to need that live and the neutral.

The live, the neutral and the earth from the Nest heat link that needs to go to a spur, or to the main wiring centre where you put your live, your neutral, and an earth. Mine’s just a bit of a jumble just there at the moment, but it’ll be all inside that case once I’ve finished. And then what we need to do then is we need to look at the control of where we’re taking the wires from. So we’ve got a …

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