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Step By Step Guide. HOW TO TILE A FLOOR. Concrete Floor. How to tile underfloor heating. DIY HOW TO TILE. How To Tile. diy tile floor. talk about tiling onto floor heating. UNDERFLOOR HEATING. RADIANT HEATING. We’ve got the Beneath Heat underfloor heating system which we’ll talk about. This is an overlay system. We’ve got concrete floor which I’ll show you shortly. And then we’ve put the boards over top of that, the insulated boards. Then we’ve put the underfloor heating into it. And then we’ve tiled directly onto the top of that.

So what I will do is first I’ll show you a short time lapse video of just showing the floor going down. And then we’ll talk about the products that’s being used as well. So yeah. So let’s have a look now.

If we look at the products that we’re using today, we’ve got the Beneath Heat manifold and underfloor heating system. This system is the overlay system. And it’s gone onto a concrete floor. So this concrete floor, we didn’t put any insulation in. So we’ve used this overlay system. And this is your insulation as well.

We then got this pipe. And this pipe just clicks in. Just clicks into that system just like so. And then we’ve got tiles. And the tiles, they just go on top of there.

When we have a look at this system, it doesn’t raise the floor too much. Lets just pull it, pull it forward. So if we start about 100 mm, it’s only raised the floor about 20 mm, maybe a little bit more for our tile adhesive, so about 21 mm, 22 mm.

And then we got a concrete floor. We’ve got these boards that are screwed down to the floor. So this board. And then we’ve got this pipe as underfloor heating pipe installed in it. And then we’ve got some primer that goes onto this, and then tile adhesive. And then we just tile directly onto the flooring.

You should see out front. I’ve got the tiler… The tiler’s here. So we’ll ask him some questions about the tiling as well. We just got a nice little system there. And that just keeps it all level, all the floor. So we’ll ask the tiler some questions as well. So we’re going to have a look at the tiler now. We’ll ask him some questions.

So we’ve got Tim’s Tilers. So we’ve got Darren. And Darren’s going to show us these products that he’s using and just talk about what he’s doing or what he’s been doing.

Morning Darren.


Could you tell us what you’re doing today?

Well we’ve got this new system from Beneath Heat which is an underfloor waterfed system heating. So the guys have come down. They have laid the floor down. I’m tiling over the top of it. Now this is the board, and that’s your pipe that goes through it. And you can see at the back where it goes from your valves round. I’ve come to tile it. Now what we’d do before we tile it is we’d prime it. It’s always best to use the same products, no matter what product you use. And I prefer Tile Master products.

So we prime it with Tile Master Primer. And then we use a semi-rapid floor adhesive which has got a 3% give in it, flexi in it. So that stops any movement because it’s going to heat up. And then we use a wedging system. Now you’re wedging system brings all your tiles flat. Basically you kick these off and she’s ready to go. To grout.

The underfloor heating system, you can tile direct onto this. So you don’t have to prime it. You don’t have to screen it. You can go straight onto the board. But what I tend to do is use the adhesive. Go over it with flat curve first and then put your scratch coat on. What you need to do is do a dot and dab it. You need a full scratch coat and then the heat is going directly through your adhesive straight to your tile.

I also use a porcelain tile, not a ceramic tile or a biscuit tile. It’s definitely got to be a porcelain high quality tile which conducts heat. Go to your tile suppliers. Have a word with them. Tell them what you’re doing. But it’s definitely got to be porcelain.

So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to knock all these out. Basically you just kick them. That’s it. It’s gone. So you kick them all off. Your floor’s perfectly level underneath. Tuck any of these about what’s come up to the surface. And then we can grout her.

Again we’re using Tile Master products on the grout. If you use the same products all the way through then you shouldn’t have any problems with the adhesive or the grout not bonding to each other. And that’s it basically. You’ve got a nice warm floor.

So what we’ll do now is we’ll have a look at you maybe putting a few tiles down. All right, so let’s have a look now.

So this is the primer that Darren’s used. And all he’s done is he’s just painted it directly onto the board, the underfloor heating board. And what that does is it seals it. And it makes it a little bit… Does it make it tacky Darren?

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